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Are you thinking about becoming a medical assistant? Do you want to be a phlebotomy technician, or work in medical coding or insurance? If you want certification for one of these roles, you may want to go through the NCCT, or National Center for Competency Testing.

What are the benefits of certification? What should you look out for when seeking a certification exam, and where are such exams offered? What does the certification background check entail? And once you are certified, what will you need to do to maintain your credentials over time? If one of these medical careers interests you, but you’re not sure what your next steps should be, explore your options by taking our quizzes about the NCCT to find out all you’ll need to know on the subject. Your future career is on the line!

Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who perform and fulfill various clinical and administrative duties. This test comes from the NCCT Offical Practice Test, for National Certified Medical Assistants. With more than...

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    To ensure that the medical office has the supplies it needs, the medical assistant should establish a(n) _________.

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    What injection angle should you use for intramuscular?

The national Centre for competency testing is perfect for testing health care professionals and their ability to perform the tasks they are charged with to their patients. If one gets this certificate they get the ability to...

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    To ensure that the medical office has the supplies it needs, the medical assistant should establish a(n) __________.

Not just anyone can exist in the corporate field and blend. In without any training. The national Centre for corporate training is designed to give one the basic knowledge they need to get in and survive the corporate world. Can...

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    When the internal evironment of the body is functioning properly, a condition of ________ exits.

It is important to understand and use medical terms correctly if you are planning on becoming a medical practitioner; the key to understanding medical terms is focusing on their components. Do you wish to test out how well you...

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NCCT Questions & Answers

Can you fill in the blank?A positive urine dipstick for albumin in the patient has ______ in his/her urine.
Albumin is a protein. (Egg whites are albumin-good source of dietary protein.) pH is a measurement determining acid vs alkaline properties. ALL urine has a pH level.
When applying leads, apple V1 lead ________.
The v1 lead will be applied On the fourth intercostal space right sternal border
Refer to illustration #5 and identify number 18.
It says to refer to illustration 5. There is no illustration to refer to.