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Medical Terminology Questions & Answers

If a word begins with the prefix hyper, it means:
Yes, the prefix, hyper, does indicate high or excessive.The breakdown would look like this:hyper: above; more than normaltens/o: pressure, tension-ion: action, conditionAn example would be hypertension....highor excessive blood pressure.
What is the sigmoid colon?
Sigma is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, it transliterates as 'S'.Sigmoid is therefore 'S' shaped.
Bonus-----Explain what planes of the body are.List two
Plane is an imaginary flat line that is used as reference point of areas of the body. Saggital plane is a verticalimaginary line dividing the body from front to back into left and right, transverse is a horizontal plane that divides the body into inf
Deficient sugar in blood (Proper Spelling)
Hypoglycemia is the correct answer to this question, not hyperglycemia.