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You make use of its advancements every time you don’t feel well and need a little help. This time we need your help because we have a severe quiz-related affection. It manifests itself through the appearance of a large number of questions. The only medicine we need are your answers, which happen to be for free. You have to prepare those answers correctly or the affection will not go away at all. Are you willing to help us though?

Where were the first ever recorded drugstores opened for the first time in history? What are the types of pharmacies that store huge quantities of medicine and usually do not sell over the counter? Administer the medicine and help us do away with these quizzes.

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A pharmacy is known as a place where patients go to get prescription drugs and other medical devices for their use. Pharmacists are charged with preparing said medications by reviewing and reviewing the prescriptions first does...

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    Who is regarded as the father of pharmacy?

Here in this quiz you will get to learn more about medicinal drugs. Let's start this quiz and learn more about pharmacognosy.

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    The alkaloid found in calabar bean

How drugs work, concentration & effect, ADME Processes & diffusion, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, bioequivalence

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    The subtstantial degradtion of an orally administered drug caused by enzyme metabolism in the liver before the drug reaches the systemic circulation.

Presenting with hypertension – also known as high blood pressure – can be a rather harrowing realisation for any patient. That said, it isn’t the end of the road. Antihypertensives are drugs used to treat...

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    Directions: questions 1-5 Match each antihypertensive drug with its appropriate mechanism of action (each lettered option can be selected once, more than once, or not at all):   Nitric oxide is the active metabolite

Although it is not nearly as precedent today as it was in the late 1800s as a result of medicinal innovation, tuberculosis is a devastating disease that has led to an incredible amount of deaths in its peak. What do you know...

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      A 31-year-old homosexual HIV-positive man was found to have latent tuberculosis. A treatment with isoniazid was started. The antibacterial effect of this drug is most likely mediated by the inhibition of the synthesis of which of the following molecules?

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What is the most appropriate action? In a hospital pharmacy, a patient suffers from side effects of medication and you found that the nurse gave him a wrong dose of his medication. A. Try to...
The correct answer to this question is option B - Report the mistake to the physician If a patient suffers from side effects of medication and you found that the nurse gave him a wrong dose of his medication, you need to report such a case to the phy
Which of the following symptoms of the patient are most likely due to the activation of nicotinic Nm receptors only? A 35-year-old farmer is brought to the emergency room with severe abdominal...
1. diplopia, difficulty in swallowing-answer: enm receptors are found only in the motor endplate and therefore the symptoms must refer toskeletal muscles. when nm receptor are activated by acetylcholine the ion channel opens soallowing na+ to enter t
Who is regarded as the father of pharmacy?
But that is true ofor the father of american pharmacy. For international people we were taught that Galen is the father of pharmacy.