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Pharmacology is pretty much the study of the action of drugs. This field of study is very large and deals with issues such as toxicology, drug design, chemical biology, therapy, and more. We’re not a major pharmaceutical company, but if you drug wisdom is high level then you should invest in our quiz.

We offer questions like: “What is the medical use of digitalis?”, “What are the two requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?”, “How important is the text The Canon of Medicine”, “What role does the metabolism play with drug usage?”, and “What is posology?”. Whether you’re a novice or expert at this subject, we have something. Spend time with us and feel a euphoric feeling from taking this test.

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  • Which of the following is not a side effect of the cholinoreceptor blocker (Atropine)? 

  • Which of the following is not a side effect of the Ace Inhibitor (Captopril)? 

  • Which of the following is not a side effect of the Vasodilator (Nifedipine)? 

  • The client with cardiac disease is prescribed amiodarone (Cordarnoe), an antidysrhythmic, orally. Which teaching intervention should the nurse implement?   
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  • The nurse is administering 0900 medications to the following clients. To which clients would the nurse question administering the medication?
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  • The client with a head injury is ordered a CT scan of the head with contrast dye. Which invention should the nurse include when discussing procedure?
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  • What drug to prevent/control vomiting, motion sickness with chemotherapy?
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  • Phenothiazine- largest group used for nausea and vomiting it inhibits what?
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  • which drug should not be given to patients with glaucoma?
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  • What drug has a mode of action that weakly inhibits cylooxygenase?

  • An NSAID that does not inhibit COX in the GI mucosa

  • Action of traditional NSAIDs