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This is one of those cases when elements previously used in different ways were given a use in medicine as well. Nuclear medicine is one of the newer types of medicine and it can allow doctors to localize diseases and infections a lot faster than by using other means. Do you know enough about nuclear medicine to get past our trivia.

Not sure? Have a look at these samples then: What elements are combined with existing pharmaceutical compounds, to form radiopharmaceuticals? The treatment effects of radiopharmaceuticals rely on the tissue-destructive power of what? In the future, nuclear medicine may provide added impetus to the field known as what? Find out everything there is to know about nuclear medicine with our newest trivia.
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End of rotation test for Nuclear Medicine.

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    Technetium Decays by?

The following learning assessment is for the maiCE article I-131 Use in Nuclear Medicine: Mechanisms, Safety, and Protocols. First, open the CE article by clicking here. Then, complete the assessment by entering...

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    The clinical properties of I-131 are due to what?

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    What activities are not allowed in the Nuclear Medicine Lab where radioactive materials are used or stored? 

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    Which of the following diagnostic procedures uses x-rays and contrast media to evaluate the bile ducts?

This a test to see how well YOU know about Nuclear Power! You can still use my website as a guide though. Some of the questions have answers that are all correct, but the most suitable answer...

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    Approximately how much is Uranium worth per kilogram?

Nuclear Medicine Questions & Answers

What causes the clinical properties of I-131?
The clinical properties of I-131 are due Half-life of the isotope
In what form is I-131 delivered for treatment?
131-I can be delivered even as Injectable fluid, so the answer you propose, which is only pills, is incorrect
What amount of I-131 in the bloodstream is deposited in thyroid tissue?
C is the correct answer. I-131 is given as treatment to people who have thyroid cancer who had undergone surgery to remove any thyroid tissue that can contain cancer cells that doctors could not remove in an operation. Patients are given I-131 or als
Which of the following is transcribed correctly?
The AP scout film of the abdomen and pelvis shows surgical clips in the right upper quadrant.