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How does Rectangular field of view (RFOV) reduce scan time?
RFOV reduces scan time by collecting fewer phase lines along the smaller dimension of the anatomy. Remember the number of phase lines is equeal to the n umber of repetitions of the sequence. For this to work the phase encoding direction but be ali
Which of the following statements is true?
X-rays with shorter wavelengths penetrate farther than x-rays with longer wavelengths.
What is magnetization transfer?
In tissue containing both pools, there is an exchange of magnetization between the pools due to dipole-dipole interaction. This means that becuase of an exchange mechanism in those tissues, magnetization of both pools tend to be equalized. This is
In a 2D imaging sequence, what is the scan time of a spin echo sequence using a TR of 0.5 seconds, 2 signal averages, and a matrix of 256x256 to image 12 slices?
Solution Scan time = TRx Sig Avgs x Matrix lines ---------------------------- echo train length =0.5 x 2x 256 = 256 seconds =4.27 minutes Also, since 3 minutes = 240 seconds, then it follows that scan time =