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Nursing informatics is one field that every nurse should be well capable of understanding. This study mostly covers how one should capture patient data and computer systems. Are you looking for revision material in this area?...

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    Which of the following competencies is not included as expected outcome after taking the subject nursing informatics?

Midterm exam for my Nursing Informatics class.

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    The physical components of a computer is referred to as

This quiz is about the history of nursing informatics, computers in nursing and basic terminologies.

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    When was the abacus invented?

Group presentation information will not be included in the quiz, only basic computer literacy information and chapter notes covered in class.

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    1. Characters, numbers or facts gathered for analysis and possibly later action.  Ex:  14 days, African American, divorced, 100 beats/minute

Online quiz for Nursing Informatics

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    Shared decision-making program is based on

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Nursing Informatics Questions & Answers

What are the three parts of an email address?
There are many parts of an email, but only three parts of an email address. Usually, when someone creates an email they try to write it so that they will remember it. This is done similar to a password. However, there are certain parts to include on
What are the physical components of a computer referred to as?
Nnedina cheleche ochorocho- the answer for number one is Hardware
What role does e-learning play in nursing education?
Provide alternative learning to those who can not access traditional schooling
Which of the following legal issues that can implicate this practice? Telehealth provides alternative method of providing care to the patients in various places.
1. The license of a practitioner from one place may not be honored by in the area from where the client is residing