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What can the following criminal's history be associated with? A young man is remanded by the courts for psychiatric treatment. His police record, which dates to his early teenage years,...
1. antisocial personality disorder.-the clients history of delinquency, running away from home, vandalism, and dropping out of school are characteristic of antisocial personality disorder. this maladaptive coping pattern is manifested by a disregard
What should the nurse recommend to help the client ignore the voices? A client with schizophrenia tells the nurse he hears the voices of his dead parents.  
Option B - Listening to a personal stereo through headphones and singing along with the music will make it easy for the brain to focus more on the music rather than focusing on the auditory hallucinations. Sitting in a quiet dark room and concentrat
What is the best initial nursing intervention? A male client with delirium becomes disoriented and confused in his room at night.
Use an indirect light source and turn off the television.Provision of a consistent daily routine and a low stimulating environment is important when the client is disorientated. Noise, including radio and television, may add to the confusion and diso