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Playing trivia and quiz games at get-togethers doubles as a great way to drive away boredom and keep the guests entertained in a constructive and compelling way. Our enjoyable thrilling games also help in ensuring that everyone has a good time which is a top priority for having fun. Learn about the world you live in with the assortment of questions from various categories. You may even discover some amazing facts about your body!

How many of the different types of surgeries can you identify? Did you know that surgical treatments date back to the prehistoric era? These and other similar questions in our captivating trivia games on surgery will keep you hooked. The problem is once you start playing our trivia and quiz games, you may not want to stop!

When it comes to a surgery there are a lot of instruments that are used and using the wrong one can lead to different results. Below is a multiple-choice photo quiz of 10 surgical instruments used often in general surgery. Have a...

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    What's this?


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    The Voloshin et al study: "Arthroscopic evaluation of radiofrequency chondroplasty of the knee" concluded that...

Annual Education Policy/Procedure/Protocol review. Nursing staff must complete and obtain a minimum score of 90.

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    Who is the organ procurement agency for RHJ VAMC?

Surgical Asepsis is the absence of all microorganisms within any type of invasive procedure by sterilizing the instruments and areas free of all microorganisms. Take this quiz to assess how much you know on the subject.

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    Which of the following is the autoclave method of sterilization?

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Surgery Questions & Answers

What is the difference between angioplasty and bypass surgery?
These two types of treatments are known to be recommended for those who are having some heart problems. Angioplasty is the process wherein the coronary artery will be widened in order to allow the blood to pass through. This requires the use of a bal
Which factor of the following is not responsible for the decrease in collagen synthesis?
Anemia-collagen synthesis is an essential part of wound recuperating, is influenced by numerous fundamental elements. Protein exhaustion impairs fibroplasia. hypoproteinemia prompts reduction of fibroblast multiplication, proteoglycan and collagen sy
What is the most common cause of fatal transfusion reactions?
1. a clerical error.-the most common cause of fatalities related to transfusion reactions result from abo-incompatible transfusion related to clerical error. most such reactions occur if a type o person receives type a red cells owing to a clerical e
Which of the following is the most appropriate next step? A 23-year-old woman seeks help for exquisite pain with defecation and blood streaks on the outside of her stools, which she has been having...
1. lateral internal sphincterotomy -the clinical picture is classic for anal fissure, which is perpetuated by the fact that the anal sphincter is too tight. forceful dilatation under anesthesia, lateral sphincterotomy, or botulinum toxin injections a