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We have so much to thank our hospitals for, and especially the highly skilled and dedicated people who work within them. Nobody likes the thought of undergoing surgery, but thanks to amazing and continued advances in surgical technology the results are getting better and better. Do you want to work in a hospital one day, as a surgeon, doctor, or nurse? Maybe you're simply fascinated by how modern technology is helping people live longer and healthier lives? Either way, I think it's time that you tried one of our surgical technology quizzes.

Historically, what did a corpsman do in the United States navy? Who first used ether as a surgical anesthetic? In which decade were X-rays first used to assist surgery? You'll find questions both ancient and modern, so scrub up and get ready to answer them.
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    The needs or activities related to one's identification or interaction with another individual or group forms which component of the human being?

Surgical Technology Examination Appleton & Lange Surgical Technology Examination Appleton & Lange pg59-73 CST exam prep

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    394. Room temperature for infants and children should be maintained as warm as

Surgical Technology Examination Appleton & Lange pg134-150 CST exam prep

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    1017. Which solution is NOT used during a transurethral prostatectomy?

Surgical Technology Examination Appleton & Lange pg151-154 CST exam prep

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    1226. Hirschsprung's disease is synonymous with

Surgical Technology Examination Appleton & Lange pg74-88 CST exam prep

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    719. In a gastrointestinal closure, the mucosa of the intestinal tract is closed with

Surgical Technology Questions & Answers

Who is responsible for handling artificial ventilation(if a cardiac arrest occurs in the OR)?
Anesthesiologist is the correct spelling. Please revise. Thank you in advance.
Roux-en-Y technique is most commonly used to repair a(n) ____________.
This is not a Total Gastrectomy. A good portion is taken.I am guessing that its about90%. The 10% left in becomes the new stomach.
Which of the following instruments is a retractor?
A Crile is also a retractor. this question is wrong.
The most frequent site of cartilage tears in the knee joint are at the
MEDIAL meniscus; I believe "medical"was just a typo, since there is no such thing as a medical meniscus.