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  • What happens when a distribution is positively skewed?
    What happens when a distribution is positively skewed?
    When a distribution is positively skewed it is very different from a typical bell curve result, a normal distribution, as it has a long right-hand tail. High scores are occurring at the extreme, so the distribution will have the mean score to the right of the peak. The mean is usually greater than the median, which is always greater than the mode (most displayed score). If a group's income was shown in a distribution it would likely follow a standard distribution, but if there were two or three millionaires, their scores would skew the resulting distribution positively. In a risk calculation, a positive skew would indicate greater risks to be considered.

  • What is the amount of money required for each stage of production, such as raw materials?
    What is the amount of money required for each stage of production, such as raw materials?
    I’m going to have to agree with the longest answer here. The answer you want is “price,” not “cost” or “costs.” The price is often used to say what something costs in terms of money. The cost that would be required in this case would be the non-monetary items that are given up in favor of other things - such as a factory in a city rather than in a rural area. Money is never specifically a cost. It is simply another part of business, and everyone knows that if you’re going to make money, you have to spend money. As unfortunate as that is, it’s part of the business. However, I’ll say it again: the answer is “price,” not “cost” or “costs”.

  • What is the difference between Mission and Vision?
    What is the difference between Mission and Vision?
    Both mission and Vision statements are vital, directing goals and distinct concept for organizations. These two concepts drive and direct your company today and tomorrow. Mission and vision statement serves different purposes for the organization but is at times confused with each other. Here is a brief difference between the two terms to help you for better understanding and to define your company essence with courage and confidence. A vision statement mainly focuses on tomorrow, what the organization ultimately aims for. In other hands, a mission statement focuses on what and what to be achieved in an organization at present and what are to be done to make it. Examples of a mission statement include what do we do? Whom do we do it with and how do we do it while a vision statement comprises: what is our hope and dream, what are we to encounter to achieve the hope and dreams. A vision statement focuses mainly on the future while the mission statement concentrates more on what’s going on presently.

  • What was the delivered price if the customer put a down payment of $2,200 toward the purchase? The purchase price of a new van was $22,980. The sales tax rate in the state was 5.5%, and...
    What was the delivered price if the customer put a down payment of $2,200 toward the purchase? The purchase price of a new van was $22,980. The sales tax rate in the state was 5.5%, and...
    The correct answer to this question is B, $22,876.90. This type of question would primarily be found on Business Education tests. This is a field which studies the fundamentals and processes of business. This field is mainly studied in higher, secondary, and university educations. Statistics show that nearly 38% of high school students partake in a business course. Though it is not a mandatory requirement for a car salesman, it would be helpful to them to be knowledgeable on how to answer such a question as the one posed. That way, they can quickly give their customers fast pricing totals.

  • What questions should you answer before starting a business?
    What questions should you answer before starting a business?
    Homework. It’s not something everyone likes to do, but when it comes to opening a small business, doing your homework is vital. Why? So, whether you’re still dreaming of starting your business, or you already have a business plan and funding lined up, here are some questions you need to answer before starting your small business. 1. Why Am I Starting a Business? We all have our own reasons for wanting to start a small business - to be our own boss, to offer a unique product, to build a business from the ground up, to be an entrepreneur - the list goes on and on. 2. Do I Understand the Ins and Outs of the Industry? You’re passionate about your business idea. As such, you probably have a good grasp of the industry you’re entering. 3. Is My Business Plan Flushed Out? You can’t talk about starting a small business without talking about a business plan. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do need to have one. And, you do need to spend time flushing it out. 4. Am I Confident in the Financial Plan? Starting a business costs money, and even the most successful businesses take a period before turning a profit. How much do you need to get the business up and running, and how will you pay for it? Whether you are using savings, investors, or loans to finance your business (or a combination of the three), do you homework to understand if you have enough for start-up costs and operations. 5. Do I Have a Marketing Strategy? You can have the best business idea in the world, but if you don’t have a plan to market it, your business will fail. While it can be hard to earmark limited funds toward marketing, it is a smart investment. 6. What Staffing Do I Need? If you’re like a lot of small businesses, you may be the sole employee for a while. Other small businesses, however, need staff from day one. 7. What Loops Do I Need to Jump Through? The last thing you want to do is get ready to open your business, only to find out you need additional licenses or permits. It costs you time and money. As you do your homework, research any legal or permitting requirements for your line of work.

  • Which of the following is the first step in developing a marketing strategy?
    Which of the following is the first step in developing a marketing strategy?
    Before beginning the business, the product or service must be established. This is usually the easy part. Owners and managers are certain they know what they are going to sell. They may also know how they are going to make this item. They could make the item themselves or outsource the creation of the product to another company. Also, before beginning the business, the owner or manager should determine who will be their potential buyers. For instance, if you are selling baby blankets, your market may be for new mothers. They would need baby blankets. So, the owner or manager must identify the target market. This is due to determining which technology or website will appeal to the potential buyers.

  • What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce site?
    What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce site?
    An e-commerce site is a website that is conducted on the Internet. For the most part, the business will run primarily on the Internet. That is, they will not have a brick and mortar store. When someone is starting a business, whether it be on the Internet or in a brick and mortar store, the owner must have a business plan in action in order for the business to be successful. The manager or owner has a responsibility of overcoming challenges. One thing the manager or owner must do is to develop a clear understanding of the business objectives. Usually, people want to determine what they are trying to achieve. This would be the goal or objective. Another challenge would be to know how to choose the right technology to achieve that goal.

  • Which theory describes the above statement? Communication process is not a single process or it is not a linear process.
    Which theory describes the above statement? Communication process is not a single process or it is not a linear process.
    1. electronic theory-there is a type of the communication theory which is called rhetorical theory. this provides more dimensions for the communication process to make it clear and understandable. the writer of this theory says that communication process is not a single process or it is not a linear process. it is not like just to send message and receive it but it is a continuous circular process. the whole communication process is dynamic according to the rhetorical theory. the rhetorical theory adds more things to the communication process. many people in the business do not take care of accuracy of the message which is very important aspect of communication

  • What do most businesses use to store information for the future?
    What do most businesses use to store information for the future?
    For storing information in the future, most business make use of Flash Memory Thumb Drives. With Flash Memory Thumb Drives, you can connect to a PC USB port in an attempt to back up your files on the go. While some provide data encryption in order to ensure that your data is secure should the flash memory get lost, others are not so much integrated with this security measure. They are generally rewritable, removable, and a lot smaller than the typical optical disc which makes them quite movable. Businesses also make use of External Hard Drives. These drives can store as much information as the storage found on the computer.

  • What are risks and barriers for e-business?
    What are risks and barriers for e-business?
    Risk And Barriers for E-Business Hidden Costs: One of the biggest selling points of e-business is the low start-up costs. Domain names and web hosting incur comparatively low costs when considered against renting or buying a physical space. Data Security: Customers enter a considerable amount of sensitive information, ranging from phone numbers to credit card numbers, on your site. As the site owner, you take responsibility for protecting that information with appropriate security measures. Marketing Failures: Online and offline business both rely on effective marketing to drive growth and sales. Without effective online marketing to drive traffic to the website, the entire project can turn into a waste of time and financial resources. Website Availability: Even if a business manages costs, employs top-flight data security and uses online marketing best practices, a bad web hosting service can destroy an e-business. Customers who find your website unavailable on a regular basis will stop going to it.

  • What are the aliases of Johnetta Gandy?
    What are the aliases of Johnetta Gandy?
    Johnetta Gandy is well know for her Aliases Angie Tomlin and Kimberly Brogar. Johnetta Gandy is a white woman of age-28. She weight about 130pounds with a Brown hair, Blue eyes, Ring tattoo in her right hand, 8-pierced left ear and was lastly spotted at Memphis Tennessee. She and her crew were widely know for burglary after breaking into a Clothing and Jewellery store and allegedly toss the merchandise into a tarp that is placed in the middle of the floor. She worked for Road construction before her charges. Johnetta and her crew are very disciplined to the extends that the can know the in and out of a business within five minute. The were last seen driving away in a black 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe and are suspected to be hiding out with Johnetta's uncle, Michael Trumbull who leaves at Nashville, Tennessee. If Johnetta or her crew members is been spotted, report to 911 immediately or any local Police division near you

  • How many countries do College of Business alumni reside?
    How many countries do College of Business alumni reside?
    College of Business alumni reside in 115 countries. There are over 115 countries all over the world with business schools that alumni. And one of the schools that top The Economist’s business school rankings for alumni networks is the Henley Business School. At this University of Reading, it makes great display of her alumni network even on its own official website. The school has up to seventy thousands (70,000) alumni which widely spread across over One Hundred and Fifty (150) countries; it has 33 formal regional and country-based international alumni groups, and a vibrant LinkedIn community. Events for alumni occur around the globe at a rate of nearly one a week

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