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Free lesson plans, actives, links, games, tutorials and more! At EI Education

Go to more services from EI and click NEW EI Education. EI Education offers free lesson plans, actives, links, games, tutorials and more.

Authored by: eindustries  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: eieducation ei education school teachers students eindustries industries

Lesson Plans and Ideas in Using the Orff Approach in Music Teaching

This website has lesson plans and videos demonstrating the use of the Orff Schulwerk approach to music teaching.

Authored by: jbrad  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: orff schulwerk music elementary kodaly

The_Hysterical_History_of_the_ Trojan_War_Study_Guide

online study guide for trojan war comedy drama @

Authored by: hroseteach  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: literature trojan war

Frequency and Time Standards

The tutorial offers an indepth view of frequency and time standards. The topics covered in the tutorial include 1. Significance of Time/Frequency Standards, 2. Important Types of Time/Frequency Standards such as Cesium standard, and 3. Comparison of Time/Frequency Standards. Complete tutorial may be viewed at the website.

Authored by: asoft  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: frequency standards time standards frequency and time

Ultrasound Tactile Display creates virtual objects and what is amazing, you can even touch them, and you can feel them.

Tokyo scientists developed Ultra Sound Display. This device creates effect of touching object, which you see on the computer screen. This is possible by using a small pad, controlled by a computer. Static distortions created in the air make us feeling like we are touching an existing object.

Authored by: zonder  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: ultrasound tactile display virtual projectors technology

Essential Web Tools For Home Schoolers

A collection of web tools to enhance your homeschooling experience. Also features the ProProfs SAT school.

Authored by: james  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: home school tools

Excellent website for IGCSE, GCSE and A Level Business Studies, Economics and Accounting.

Excellent website for IGCSE, GCSE and A level Business Studies, Economics and Accounting revision. It contains hundreds of interactive games which make learning exciting and interesting. Revision notes are brief and to the point. Mindmaps makes it easy to absorb the content. "One stop" website for teachers and students.

Authored by: deebee  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: igcse business studies economics accounting revision notes interactive quizzes crosswords mindmaps worksheets flash games multiple choice questions revision

Physics Links

Links for secondary school students or above

Authored by: profesorristic  Category: K-12 Education  Tags: physics

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