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To simply define an arithmetic progression is by saying that it is a sequence of numbers with a continuous difference, such that each number differs from the preceding by a constant quantity. Test and learn in the quiz below.

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    The common difference of the A.P. whose general term an = 2n + 1 is

Choose the best answer for each question.

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    What is the name of the worst concentration camp in Poland?

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    Why is Hannah upset about the breakfast Gitl served?

This quiz is for second year high-school students. The result will show if the students learn about the lesson.

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  • Sample Question
    Find the common difference and the next term of the following sequence: 3, 11, 19, 27, 35,...

This math and arithmetic quiz consists of different questions for beginners as well as experts, who love solving mathematical word problems, equations or calculations. Read the questions carefully and take your time. So,...

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  • Sample Question
    What basic arithmetic function is seen as successive addition.

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Arithmetic Questions & Answers

What is the arithmetic mean formula?
The arithmetic mean formula is also sometimes just called the mean. One can arrive at the solution to this formula by adding together all the number in a set and dividing them by the number of items in the set. Essentially one can also look at the me
What are the multiples of 4 between 10 and 250?
Answer must be 60 First term is 12, Last term is 248 248 = 12 + (n-1)4 236 = (n-1)4 59 = n-1 n = 60