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A perimeter is a path that surrounds a two-dimensional shape. The term may be used either for the path or its length - it can be thought of as the length of the outline of a shape. So, now that you remember what it’s about, let’s move on to math and test your geometry knowledge. A bit nervous, are you? You shouldn’t be, unless you skipped those classes back in the day.

Do you remember the perimeter formulas for all shapes? How do you call the perimeter of a circular or an ellipse? What does a wetter perimeter means? Do you remember the answers? Do you think you’re ready for perimeter quizzes? Take our quizzes and have fun with the questions!
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Here are a couple of practice questions that I would like you to do! Good Luck! Brandi

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    If we have a triangle with the side lengths of 3, 4, 5, find the perimeter.

In the mathematical context, the perimeter is the line that surrounds a plane figure with two dimensions. Put, it is the measure of the space a shape will occupy. The perimeter of a circular figure is its circumference. What is...

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    What mathematical operation is exclusively performed in obtaining the perimeter of a triangle? 

Studying for IINS. Chapter 3

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Perimeter Questions & Answers

What is the term given to the perimeter around a circle?
When studying geometry, students may look into measuring circles. The student will either need to measure parts of the circle or the information should be provided. With this information, the student can calculate the area, perimeter or circumference