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How much of the Earth's surface is covered by water? Right! In terms of percentage, it's about 70%. But to actually put that in numbers, you need to solve the Earth's surface area first. If that seems like an elementary job for you, then you might be the Math expert we're searching for. We have some quizzes on "Surface area" that will challenge the Math wizard in you.

Do you know the formula for the surface area of most spatial figures? Can you relate it to volume as well? How about solving the surface area given the Cartesian coordinates? Not feeling spaced out yet? Then you're a sure fit for these quizzes.
What are you waiting for? Don't just scratch the surface of these quizzes. Prove that this is your area of expertise! Surface area, that is...

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How many square feet of cement will it take to fill a hole that is 6" by 3 feet by 6 feet?
How do you do this ??????????? I thought i need to calculate the volume
Solve for the right cylinder ( Make sure you round to the whole number )
I get 1445, but chose the 1508 bc it was closest. But that's still too far off.
What is the Surface Area for Cone of Height 8 cm and Radius = 6 cm?
It would be 502.65 because the formula for the surface area of a cone is this: ("t" being the slant height) So first you have to do pythagorean theorem to figure out the slant height because it wasn't given. So 6 sq. + 8 sq. = 10 sq.