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When is a square not a square? When it's a circle? What about a triangle? When is something mirroring itself? And when isn't it? That's what these quizzes are about. Are all your answers the same? or are some different enough to fall out of congruence?

If you want to get these answers right, I should hope so! When dealing with congruence, it's important to look at the bigger picture. Try rotating the question in your head to see if it fits. Can you tell if two shapes are identical just by looking at them?

Even if they're rotated at strange and unusual angles? Well, then now is the time to find out. It's time to take these quizzes and find out whether your answers will match the results or go completely and wildly wrong.
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This quiz covers the first half of the chapter on Triangles which includes classifying triangles, finding missing angle measures in triangles and triangle congruence.

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    How many sides are congruent in a scalene triangle?

The reflexive property of congruence is used to prove congruence of geometric figures. This property is used when a figure is congruent to itself. Angles, line segments, and geometric figures can be congruent to themselves....

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    Using the Subtraction Property of Equality: If PQ + ST = RS + ST, then

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