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It is a nature's call for all Mathematics wizards! We have another set of quizzes that will tickle your brain cells. Are you ready for some Calculus? We're here to check out your calculus skills. Do you remember integral calculus? Yes, the subject with all those wiggly worms as some would say.

How about the topics like integration and differentiation? Do you remember the chain rule or Simpson's rule? Whatever, Always remember not to break them! Start with some easy ones. To get you started, how about a review of the basics? As some would say, success is a function of hard work. Put on your thinking cap and get ready for the action with giving-right-answers as your only weapon to survive the land of calculus!

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  • Which of the following can be thought of as a special case of the Mean Value Theorem?

  • How many REAL roots does the polynomial x to the fifth +12x-7 have?

  • What is the integral from 0 to Pi over 2 of (Sine of x divided by the sum of Sine of x and Cosine of x)?

  • What are the three parts to egress?

  • All EXCEPT which room is appropriate for exiting?

  • Minimum dimension at the pull side of a door is:

  • What is x2 + 1 differentiated with respect to x?
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  • What is the integral of 1 with respect to x?
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  • What is x2 + 1 differentiated with respect to y?
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  • What is the definition of calculus?
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  • The two people given credit for discovering calculus were?
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  • The origninal purpose of calculus was to...
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