Extremely Hard Harry Potter Trivia

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What are the names of Severus Snape's parents?

Answer: Tobias Snape And Eileen Prince
Severus Snape's parents are Tobias Snape and Eileen Prince. These characters from the Harry Potter series play a significant role in shaping Snape's background and personal history. Tobias Snape and Eileen Prince are key figures in understanding Snape's complex personality and the challenges he faced during his upbringing.

What is the name of the Quidditch move where a seeker fake's seeing the snitch and dives to the ground but pulls out of the dive just in time, but the opposing seeker plummets to the ground?

Answer: Wronsky Feint
The correct answer is Wronsky Feint. The Wronsky Feint is a Quidditch move where a seeker pretends to see the snitch and dives towards the ground, only to pull out of the dive at the last moment. This move is used to trick the opposing seeker into thinking that the snitch has been spotted and causes them to plummet to the ground, giving the first seeker an advantage in catching the snitch.

What is Harry and Ginny's middle child's full name?

Answer: Albus Severus Potter
Harry and Ginny's middle child's full name is Albus Severus Potter. This character, introduced in the Harry Potter series, is the second son of the famous couple. The name "Albus Severus" pays homage to two influential figures in the wizarding world, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, reflecting the ongoing impact of their legacies on Harry's life.

What is the first-ever password to Gryffindor Tower?

Answer: Caput Draconis
The correct answer is "Caput Draconis". This is the first-ever password to Gryffindor Tower mentioned in the Harry Potter series. It is a Latin phrase meaning "Dragon's Head". In the books, the password to the tower changes regularly for security reasons, and "Caput Draconis" is the password mentioned at the beginning of the series.

What is Dumbledore's scar above his left knee a perfect map of?

Answer: The London Underground
Dumbledore's scar above his left knee being a perfect map of the London Underground suggests that he has a deep connection and knowledge of the city. This scar implies that Dumbledore is familiar with the intricate network of tunnels and routes that make up the London Underground, possibly indicating his ability to navigate through complex situations and uncover hidden paths.

What is Luna's Patronus?

Answer: A hare
Luna Lovegood's Patronus, a magical manifestation used against Dementors, is a hare. This detail, more prominently featured in the Harry Potter films and supplementary interviews with J.K. Rowling, highlights Luna's unique and whimsical character. The hare symbolizes her individuality and connection to nature, enriching her portrayal in the Harry Potter universe beyond the primary text of the books.

Why did Cormac McLaggen miss the Quidditch tryouts in the year previous to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Answer: He ate a pound of doxy eggs for a bet.
In the Harry Potter series, Cormac McLaggen missed the Quidditch tryouts because he made a daring bet that involved eating a pound of doxy eggs. Doxies are magical creatures known for their unpleasant and potentially harmful bites. McLaggen's willingness to take such a risk for a bet illustrates the sometimes eccentric and unpredictable behavior of characters in the wizarding world, adding humor to the narrative.

In the "Harry Potter" series, which of the following creatures can only be seen by those who have witnessed death?

Answer: Thestrals
In the "Harry Potter" series, Thestrals are magical creatures with skeletal bodies and bat-like wings. They are only visible to individuals who have witnessed death firsthand and have processed the experience. Thestrals serve as a symbol of understanding and acceptance of mortality in the wizarding world.

What is the password to the Prefect's Bathroom on the fifth floor?

Answer: Pine Fresh
The correct answer is "Pine Fresh" because the question asks for the password to the Prefect's Bathroom on the fifth floor, and out of the given options, "Pine Fresh" is the only one that could potentially be a password. The other options, "Power," "Oak Leaf," and "Toffe," do not seem relevant to a bathroom password. Therefore, "Pine Fresh" is the most logical choice.

On the tapestry across from the Room of Requirement, what is the man teaching the trolls to do?

Answer: Ballet
On the tapestry across from the Room of Requirement in the world of Harry Potter, the man depicted, known as Barnabas the Barmy, is teaching the trolls to do Ballet. The tapestry showcases Barnabas, a wizard known for his eccentric attempts to teach ballet to trolls. This amusing and unusual choice of teaching subject matter is one of the various magical elements that add a touch of whimsy to the Harry Potter universe.

What was Lupin's code name on the radio show "Potter Watch?"

Answer: Romulus
Remus Lupin's code name on the radio show "Potter Watch" was "Romulus." As part of the resistance during the Second Wizarding War, members of Potter Watch used pseudonyms to protect their identities. The choice of "Romulus" likely alludes to the legendary founder of Rome, connecting Lupin to a figure associated with strength and leadership in the wizarding world.

What was on the calendar Broderick Bode received for Christmas in the fifth book?

Answer: Hippogriffs
In "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," Broderick Bode receives a calendar for Christmas with illustrations of Hippogriffs. Hippogriffs are magical creatures with the front half of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. This reflects the magical world's fascination with and inclusion of diverse and fantastical creatures.

What is the thing Romilda Vane offers Harry that is spiked with a love potion?

Answer: Chocolate Cauldrons
In "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," Romilda Vane tries to give Harry a box of Chocolate Cauldrons that she had enchanted with a love potion. Her intention is to use the love potion to make Harry infatuated with her. However, Harry does not consume the spiked chocolates, and the plot involving love potions plays a role in the storyline of the book, particularly with the character Romilda Vane.

Who teased Moaning Myrtle about her glasses that lead to Myrtle crying in the washroom before getting killed?

Answer: Olive Hornby
Moaning Myrtle was teased about her glasses by Olive Hornby, leading to Myrtle crying in the washroom before her tragic demise. This incident is a pivotal moment in Myrtle's backstory, demonstrating the impact of bullying and how it becomes intertwined with the supernatural events in the Harry Potter series.

How many staircases are there in Hogwarts?

Answer: 142
Hogwarts Castle boasts a total of 142 staircases, each contributing to the magical and ever-changing architecture of the school. The numerous staircases, often shifting and leading to different parts of the castle, add an enchanting and unpredictable element to the students' daily lives at Hogwarts, making navigation an adventure in itself.
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