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Who was Doraemon's best friend?

Answer: Nobita
Nobita is Doraemon's best friend. Throughout the Doraemon series, Nobita and Doraemon have a strong bond and share many adventures together. Nobita often relies on Doraemon's futuristic gadgets to help him out of trouble, and Doraemon is always there to support and encourage Nobita. Their friendship is a central theme in the series, making Nobita the correct answer for Doraemon's best friend.

The name of Jian's younger sister

Answer: Jackio
The correct answer is Jackio. Jackio is the name of Jian’s younger sister, who is also known as Jaiko. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who likes to write comic books and often visits Jian and his friends. Jian is very protective of her and tries to help her with Doraemon’s gadgets, sometimes to her annoyance.

Name the female character who is the love interest of Nobita.

Answer: Shizuka
Shizuka is the correct answer because she is the female character who is portrayed as the love interest of Nobita in the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Doraemon. Shizuka is depicted as a kind and gentle girl who is often seen supporting Nobita and caring for him. She is also shown to have a close friendship with the other main characters in the series.

Who is the most intelligent student in Nobita’s class?

Answer: Dekisugi
Dekisugi is the most intelligent student in Nobita's class. This can be inferred from the given options and the fact that Dekisugi is often portrayed as a highly intelligent and academically successful character in the Doraemon series.

Who is Dorami?

Answer: Doraemon's sister
Dorami is a female cat robot and is the younger sister of Doraemon. She is often depicted as more responsible and disciplined compared to Doraemon, and she possesses a fourth-dimensional pocket like her brother. Dorami occasionally visits Nobita and assists him with various gadgets, providing support and guidance.

What does Doraemon love to eat?

Answer: Dora cakes
 Dora cakes, also known as dorayaki, are a kind of Japanese pastry that consist of two small pancakes with red bean paste in between. They are the favorite food of Doraemon, a robotic cat from the future who helps a boy named Nobita with his gadgets. Doraemon loves dora cakes so much that he can eat a mountain of them, and he often gets tempted by them even when he is on a mission.

Name the gadget that helped Doraemon to travel everywhere.

Answer: Anywhere door
The correct answer is "Anywhere door". In the popular cartoon series Doraemon, the character Doraemon uses a gadget called the "Anywhere door" to travel to different places instantly. This gadget allows him to open a door to any location he desires and simply walk through it to reach his desired destination, making it a convenient tool for transportation.

From which century did Doraemon come from?

Answer: 22nd century
Doraemon is a popular Japanese manga and anime character who comes from the 22nd century. He is a robotic cat who travels back in time to help a young boy named Nobita Nobi. In the series, Doraemon uses his futuristic gadgets to assist Nobita with various problems and challenges he faces in his daily life. The 22nd century setting allows for the inclusion of advanced technology and imaginative storylines in the series.

Name the dog that talks very much in the movie ‘Doraemon in Nobita's Little Space War.’

Answer: Rokoroko
In the movie "Doraemon in Nobita's Little Space War," Rokoroko is a talking dog character. Rokoroko is known for being quite chatty, and the humor in the character often comes from its loquacious nature. While Rokoroko is not a main character in the Doraemon series, the inclusion of talking animals is a common theme in various Doraemon movies and episodes, adding comedic elements to the storyline. The talking dog's name, Rokoroko, is a playful representation of the sound a dog might make when barking.

The color of Doraemon is ________.

Answer: Blue
Doraemon is a popular Japanese manga and anime character, and his color is blue. He is often depicted as a blue robotic cat with a round face and a red collar. Blue is the most recognizable and iconic color associated with Doraemon, making it the correct answer.

Doraemon stores all his gadgets in _______________. 

Answer: His pocket
Doraemon stores all his gadgets in a magical pocket known as the "four-dimensional pocket." This pocket is located on his belly. Despite its small external appearance, the pocket is virtually boundless inside, allowing Doraemon to pull out a wide variety of futuristic gadgets and tools. The four-dimensional pocket is a key element of Doraemon's character, providing a constant source of entertainment and solutions to the challenges faced by Nobita and his friends.

Name the spoiled rich kid from Nobita’s friend group who had the habit of showing off his cool stuff and making his friends jealous. 

Answer: Suneo
Suneo is the correct answer because he is the spoiled rich kid in Nobita's friend group who enjoys showing off his cool belongings and making his friends jealous. He often boasts about his wealth and tries to impress others with his material possessions, which creates envy among his friends.

Name the handsome boy from Nobita’s friend group whom every girl has a slight crush on. 

Answer: Dekisugi
Dekisugi, whose full name is Hidetoshi Dekisugi, is a character in the Doraemon series. He is often depicted as a smart, handsome, and athletic boy who excels in various aspects, making him a popular character among the girls in the series. His good looks and intelligence make him the object of admiration for many female characters, creating a recurring theme of admiration and crushes in the storyline.

Doraemon was afraid of __________. 

Answer: Mouse
Doraemon, despite being a robotic cat from the future with numerous gadgets and abilities, has a comical fear of mice. This fear is ironic given that he is a cat himself. The fear of mice adds a humorous element to the character and is often played for laughs in the Doraemon series. Despite his advanced technology and problem-solving abilities, Doraemon's fear of mice is a recurring and endearing aspect of his personality.

Jian had a pet dog who was a little coward in nature. What was the name of that dog?

Answer: Muku
Muku is a character in the Doraemon series, specifically in the context of Jian's (Gian's) backstory. Muku is Jian's pet dog, and he is portrayed as a bit of a scaredy-cat, adding a humorous element to the dynamics between Jian and his pet. The interactions between Jian and Muku are part of the comedic elements in the series, contributing to the overall charm of the characters and their relationships.

Who punishes Nobita a lot?

Answer: Nobita's Teacher
Nobita is often punished by his teacher, who is a recurring character in the Doraemon series. Nobita's teacher is strict and frequently scolds or punishes Nobita for his academic shortcomings, laziness, and misbehavior. The teacher's punishments may include making Nobita stand outside the classroom, giving him extra homework, or reprimanding him in various ways. This dynamic is a common source of humor and conflict in the series, highlighting the challenges and misadventures faced by Nobita in his school life.
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