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  • Why should I visit India?
    Why should I visit India?
    If you've done a good bit of traveling through "Western" countries or nations, you may be looking to branch out for something different—something that challenges your sense of normalcy. If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime, venture to India. The number of reasons you should consider India are too many to list, but Indian food is some of the most delicious food on the planet. Spicy, comforting, and diverse, there is something for every pallet. India also boasts the Taj Mahal which is one of the 7 wonders of the world and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. If you're more of a beach bum, the scenic coastline on the Indian Ocean is beautiful and will offer a fantastic experience.

  • What are the major rivers of Sikkim?
    What are the major rivers of Sikkim?
    Sikkim has two major rivers, the Teesta and the Rangeet, both of which are framed at high heights and stream in a for the most part southern bearing till they meet at the confluence close to Melli. The wellspring of the Teesta is the immaculate Tso Lhamu Lake in North Sikkim, somewhere in the range of 5,300 meters above sea level. The icy waters at that point move downwards to meet Zemu Chu simply above Lachen town and afterward surging down profound chasms it meets Lhachung Chu at Chungthang. At Mangan, the river is joined by the Talung Chu as it proceeds with its adventure down, at last achieving Singtam in East Sikkim, winding up slower and enlarging to twofold its width. Additionally down at Melli, the Teesta converges with the river Rangeet which is conceived of the Rathong ice sheet in West Sikkim, before entering the fields of North Bengal and inevitably joining Brahmaputra in Bangladesh.

  • What is the name of the Hindu God with an elephants head?
    What is the name of the Hindu God with an elephants head?
    C is the correct answer. Ganesh or Ganesha is the Hindu god that has a head of an elephant who is known to be the Lord of the Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles. Ganesh was created by his mother, Parvati after she felt lonely when Shiva left her for a while. Ganesh was brought to life and Parvati became happy again until Shiva came back and chopped the head of Ganesh after refusing him to enter into his own house. Parvati got angry and asked him to resurrect their son. He promised to replace the head with the first being he will first to come across with. Shiva then saw an elephant and used its head to revive Ganesh. Ganesh became the symbol of protection and power from any obstacles that one may encounter.

  • Who is popularly known as 'Father of Indian Constitution'?
    Who is popularly known as 'Father of Indian Constitution'?
    Dr bhimarao Ambedkar is the right answer

  • Which award is presented during the Republic Day parade? 
    Which award is presented during the Republic Day parade? 
    The answer to this is the National Bravery Award. This is an award that is given to 25 Indian children who have shown exemplary bravery and courage. There are some children who are given this award after they were killed or expired because of different reasons. Republic Day is a celebration in India that commemorates the day that the Indian Constitution started. This happens every 26th of January no matter what day it falls on. The country has celebrated its 70th year in the year 2019. This event is looked forward to by a lot of people who believe that this is truly an event that is worth celebrating.

  • Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?
    Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?
    The correct answer is A. LAN or local area network makes a connection between computers and/or modern gadgets within a limited area such as at homes, schools, and office spaces. This is usually confined to a room or a building for the users inside the room or building will be able to connect to the Internet. Due to a limited number of users connect to LAN, it allows the people to send and retrieve data fast and easy compared to connecting to WLAN as WLAN covers a wider range of area to supply an Internet connection. Once a person leaves the room, he or she will lose his or her connection as the distance LAN can cover is limited.

  • What are some of the hot springs of Sikkim?
    What are some of the hot springs of Sikkim?
    I am from Sikkim so i know very well that Reshi Hot spring is also main hot sprig of sikkim which is located at south sikkim of Rageet River and approx 90 km from capital of sikkim.

  • What did the rajput men and their wives did when they were about to be defeated by the mughals?
    What did the rajput men and their wives did when they were about to be defeated by the mughals?
    Saffron on body and attack enemy (kesariya); burn themselves (sati or Jauhar)

  • What did the Param Vir Chakra replace when India became a Republic? 
    What did the Param Vir Chakra replace when India became a Republic? 
    The correct answer to this question is A. The Param Vir Chakra translates to the "Wheel of the Ultimate Brave," and is India's highest military decoration, awarded to those who show extraordinary acts of valor in a time of war. The PVC is India's equivalent to the United States' Medal of Honor and the United Kingdom's Victoria Cross, which it replaced when India gained its independence from the U.K. in 1947. Queen Victoria introduced the V.C. in 1856 to honor acts of valor shown during the Crimean War, and the award was available to Indian troops from 1857 to 1947.

  • What is the difference between North and South India?
    What is the difference between North and South India?
    North and South India are out of the five regions in India. And as much as those regions have some things in common, they are equally different in some ways. North and South India are also different from each other in terms of factor like population, culture, religion, cuisine, etc. The seemingly differences between these regions might not be unconnected with the fact that India is s multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual society, and is one of the most populous countries in the world. The first notable difference between North and South India is that North India has more population than South India. This might be as a result of the economic activities that are a bit higher in the Northern region of the country than the southern region. North India has so many nice architectural designs and beautiful buildings that appeal greatly to the eyes. South India, on the other hand, is filled with a lot of natural wonders and that is why the region is a potential hub for tourist centers. They also differ in terms of culture and different foods are eaten by the two areas.

  • What island in Asia is located off the coast from India?
    What island in Asia is located off the coast from India?
    (E) Andaman and Nicobar island This group of islands is present in the bay of Bengalat about 1200 KM from the Indiancoastline.

  • Whose Samdhi Sthal (resting place) is Karmabhoomi?
    Whose Samdhi Sthal (resting place) is Karmabhoomi?
    Kocheril Raman Narayanan was the 10th president of India, from 1997 to 2002. He was the first and, so far, the only member of the Dalit Caste, the so-called downtrodden. He twice ordered the dissolution of the Indian parliament. He was cremated on the banks of Yamuna. He ended up in a tomb in a cemetery exclusively for Christians in Delhi. He has a tomb alongside his wife, Usha Narayanan in the non-denominational cemetery run by the Delhi cemeteries committee on Prithviva Road. He died in January 2007. He had not officially willed that he be buried after death. The Samadi Sthal was constructed by Hemu’s supporters.

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