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Indian Freedom Fighters Questions and Answers

  • Who wrote the Lyrics of the Indian National Anthem?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Which Indian academician, activist and social reformer was Mahatma Gandhi’s mentor?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Just before midnight 14th August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru rose in the Constituent Assembly to deliver the most famous speech ever made by an Indian. Which of the following were the opening lines of the speech?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • When India Get Freedom?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Before Independence there were approximately 568 Princely states in India. Which was the largest Princely State to join the Indian Union?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • A gifted scholar who was selected to the prestigious ICS, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose later founded his own political party to continue his struggle for the full and immediate independence of India from British rule. Pick the name of this party.
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Which Indian freedom fighter employed nonviolent civil disobedience?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Which Indian freedom fighter sought the help of Nazi Germany and Japan to get rid of India of British rule?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Which Indian freedom fighter was considered a socialist?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Date and time of Battle of Plassey.
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Who was Siraj ud Doula's treacherous soldier?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

  • Why did the Battle of Plassey become famous?
    Indian freedom fighters question from

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