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Latest Laboratory Questions and Answers

What is the average life span of a goat?
According to the ALAT manual, 2015 edition, page 177, the life span of goats is 10-15 years (answer C).
What is the difference between GMP and GLP?
There are a lot of people who get confused about what GLP and GMP means. You first have to know their actual meaning. GLP stands for Good Laboratory Practice while GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. These are regulations that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA depending on the things that should be done. GLP is followed by people who are doing laboratory work while the GMP is followed by those who are in factories and other industries wherein they are required to manufacture things that may be needed by individuals all over the world. They are both used in the pharmaceutical industry but people are recommended to know both so that they will know what practice to follow depending on the situation.
What will the water in the glass tube most likely be if heating continues? The diagram below shows water being heated in a flask. The flask has a rubber stopper with a glass tube extending...
D is the answer to this question. Water has the tendency to evaporate especially when it is exposed to high temperature. This explains why water that you have been boiling for a long time may have the tendency to become fewer even if you know that you have placed a lot of water even before you started. It is not possible for water to turn into solid when you are heating it. You need to place it in low temperatures so that it will start to become solid. It will definitely take the shape of its container this way. When heating, the water will just rise higher in the tube and may take the form of moist.
What are normal lab values for Hemoglobin?
Female Male 12-16 g/dl male 14-18 g/dL The one above is troll
What type of study toxicology is?
Toxicology: the branch of science concerned with the nature, effects, and detection of poisons.Wouldn't the answer be A? It doesn't have anything to do with the treatments
Which of the follwoing is consisted by the connective tissue?
How are bones connective tissue? They rely on connective tissue since there are tendons, muscles, and ligaments that connect them to each other to form the skeleton. However, bones by themselves are not connect tissue. If all it took to define a tissue is if it relies on another type, then the organs of the digestive tract would be part of the respiratory system. After all, the digestive systems relies on the lungs for oxygen to keep the tissues alive and able to function.
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