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Are you a lab scientist? Do you know how to stay safe in the lab? Staying safe in such a hazardous environment is a crucial part of working in a laboratory. Given all the fancy equipment, damage isn’t easily repaired and given all the potentially life-threatening products that come and go in lab (and depending on where you work) your life could potentially be in danger on a daily basis.

Don’t take the risk and brush up on your laboratory safety today with these quizzes. What elected group’s laws make laboratory safety a legal requirement in the U.S.? How do you reduce the probability of accidents in a laboratory? What should an accident prevention program include?

What type of protective clothing should you always wear in the lab? What is a blast shield? Are scientists allowed to wear jewelry in a lab? If you don’t know the answers there’s only one way to find out! Take these quizzes now!

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  • 1, Monogamous and Harem are two bredding types for nonhuman primates when increased production is desired

  • Any  redness or swelling at the injectioon site may indicate tha the animals is infected with TB

  • The tuberculin  for a TB test is administered by ____________ injection into the eyelid of the monkey

  • What does Hematocrit measure?
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  • Which of the following nursing interventions is NOT routinely expected when collecting laboratory specimens?
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  • What normal value goes w/ electrolyte C1-
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  • FDA was the first to implement the GLPs.
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  • The study director funds the GLP study.
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  • GLPs were implemented because...
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  • Sanger sequencing is the most common method used for DNA sequencing.  Which statement BEST describes Sanger Sequencing?

  • The following are disadvantages of MLPA

  • Southern blot is a technology that uses: