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Are you a lab scientist? Do you know how to stay safe in the lab? Staying safe in such a hazardous environment is a crucial part of working in a laboratory. Given all the fancy equipment, damage isn’t easily repaired and given all the potentially life-threatening products that come and go in lab (and depending on where you work) your life could potentially be in danger on a daily basis.

Don’t take the risk and brush up on your laboratory safety today with these quizzes. What elected group’s laws make laboratory safety a legal requirement in the U.S.? How do you reduce the probability of accidents in a laboratory? What should an accident prevention program include?

What type of protective clothing should you always wear in the lab? What is a blast shield? Are scientists allowed to wear jewelry in a lab? If you don’t know the answers there’s only one way to find out! Take these quizzes now!

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  • While working on a project Erika dropped a glass of water on the floor. The glass broke and the water spilled. Which of the following rules should Erika follow?

  • While working in the lab, Joe notices that one of his classmates takes out some candy from his pocket. Why must Joe remind his classmate not to eat anything in the lab?

  • Which of the following rules should NOT be followed in the science lab?

  • Any  redness or swelling at the injectioon site may indicate tha the animals is infected with TB

  • The tuberculin  for a TB test is administered by ____________ injection into the eyelid of the monkey

  • A disease carried by rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys that can be fatal to humans is

  • What does Hematocrit measure?
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  • Which of the following nursing interventions is NOT routinely expected when collecting laboratory specimens?
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  • What normal value goes w/ electrolyte C1-
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  • FDA was the first to implement the GLPs.
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  • The study director funds the GLP study.
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  • GLPs were implemented because...
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