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Are you one of those curious types? Do you like to perform experiments? Take the online experiment quizzes and use critical thinking and analysis to answer our questions and learn interesting trivia.
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There are two types of experiments when it comes to any experiment. The variable varies depending on which is being tested in the experiment and which one is controlled in the experiment. Test out how well you understood the...

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    Lauren wants to know which location in her apartment is best for growing African violets.  She has three African violets.  She puts one on the balcony, one by the kitchen window, and one on the mantel in the living room.  Each plant has the same size pot and the same soil, and Lauren gives each plant the same amount of water. The 2 variables: 1. location of plants 2. how the plants grow Which one is the independent variable (IV)?

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    You are riding in a spaceship that has no windows, radios, or other means for you to observe or measure what is outside. You wish to determine if the ship is stopped or moving at constant velocity. What should you do?

Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment is what proved the existence of a small massive centre to atoms, which would later come to be known as the nucleus of the atom. What do you know about the experiment? Let’s have a...

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    Step 1. Open the Plum Pudding atom.  The blue dots represent which of the following?

EDGE: Unit 1, Cluster 1 Read each question and choose the best answer.

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    A belief is

This quiz has a set of questions based on the famous memory experiment by Elizabeth F. Loftus and John C. Palmer. Since you are here, I assume you already are familiar with this psychological study by them. Let's move to...

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    What type of experiment was used by Loftus and Palmer?

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Experiment Questions & Answers

Does heating a cup of water allow it to dissolve more sugar? Also, what is the dependent variable (DV)? The 2 variables are Water temperature and Amount of dissolved sugar
The temperature will not effect the amount of sugar that dissolves it is the other way around, the dependent variable isThe Temperature.
Which one is the independent variable (IV) for the following case?
1. location of plantsLauren can control where she places the plants, therefore the location of the plants is the IV. The location affects how the plants grow (DV).
Does the independent variable (IV) change the dependent variable (DV)?
Yes, the independent variable changes the dependent variable.
Why should the dependant variable always be measurable?
First, there’s need for us to understand what the dependent variable means. The dependent variable is the variable that is being estimated in any hypothesis-proven experiment such as taking a peek at how mentoring impacts test scores; the depen
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