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Being a student is not an easy ride, but for the most of us, it’s the most fun part of our lives. No morning courses, piled up overdue papers, or brain cracking exams could ever shadow the excitement and extraordinary experiences that come to happen in this period time.

Nevertheless, it never hurts to be prepared! So, make sure you checked questions such as:”What scholarship opportunities are there, and how can they be accessed?”, “What are a student’s expectations from university?”

“How can a student best prepare for a course?” and “What are the main features in a student that teachers appreciate best, and why?”. If you have already thought about these questions, take these quizzes to make sure nothing gets you by surprise!

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  • A physical therapist assistant attempts to identify an appropriate wheelchair for a 34 year old patient with bilateral lower extremity amputations. the MOST  important feature of a wheelchair designed for the patient should be:
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  • PTA assesses a patients HR by measuring the time necessary for 30 beats. Assuming the PTA measures this value as 22 seconds, the patients heart rate should be recorded as:
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  • A patient diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome works on weight shifting activities while standing in the parallel Bars. The PRIMARY objective of this activity is to improve:
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  • ____ you eat cake?
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  • _________ Karen speak Portuguese?
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  • Fernando __________ speak Italian.
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  • My names Andy. Whats ..........?

  • "Are you a teacher?" "Yes .........."

  • "Whose book is this?" "Its .........."

  • On a typical weekend, I:

  • If I'm going to go get food near Pace quickly, I'm most likely to go to:

  • On an average school night, I spend ____ hours on social media