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English Grammar: Do & Does Practice Quiz! There are a lot of people who get confused about when to use do and does when it comes to a sentence. Do you also have that problem when it comes to this? All you need is some...

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    ____ you eat cake?

There are many types of students, with their own social groups, activities, and interests. Some students have high regard for their school work when some don’t give a care if they pass or fail their exams and think their...

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    On a typical weekend, I:

Physical therapy assistants give direct care for their patients such as helping patients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses regain movement and manage pain under direct supervision of a physical therapist. Are...

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    A physical therapist assistant attempts to identify an appropriate wheelchair for a 34 year old patient with bilateral lower extremity amputations. the MOST  important feature of a wheelchair designed for the patient should be:

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    The major reason for planning your instruction is to

Do you think you're ready to take an online course (completely online) or a hybrid course (partially online and partially on campus) at San Jose City College? Take this short multiple choice quiz to find out! 

Questions: 19  |  Attempts: 4014   |  Last updated: May 13, 2019
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    The amount of time I have to devote to an online  or hybrid class every week is (Select One):

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What is the difference between Pupil and Student?
The terms pupil and students are generally used to refer to some sets of people who are still under a particular learning process. The earlier stage of the two is actually the pupil learning stage. The pupil is a term that is used to refer to those t
How often will you log into your online or hybrid course?
At least every other dayAs an online learner, you can log into your course as often as you like - at any time of day. A good habit is to log into your account every other day to remain current in the classroom. Logging in everyday is even better!
How much time should you devote to an online or hybrid class every week?
4 - 6+ hoursOnline learning requires time management skills. Students in this environment need to allocate a bare minimum of 4 - 6 hours per week for each online class. However, 10+ hours per week will keep students current in their classroom. If you
Who fought in the Battle of Hastings?
The correct answer to this question is William the Conqueror William, also known as William the Conqueror, led the Norman-French army to battle with the English army led by Harold Godwinson. This battle is known as the Battle of the Hastings. The bat
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