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What should the patients heart rate be recorded as assuming the PTA measures this value as 22 seconds? PTA assesses a patients HR by measuring the time necessary for 30 beats.
First, get heart rate per second :30/22=~1.36second, use the calculated value times 60 seconds: 1.36x60=81.6 , then round up =82
A physical therapist assistant attempts to identify an appropriate wheelchair for a 34 year old patient with bilateral lower extremity amputations. the MOST important feature of a wheelchair...
As the Lower Ex are amputated, the patient's COG will be displaced backward. It would be important to adjust the rearwheels backward to compensate for the loss of COG on the body
What is the difference between Forbearance and Deferment?
Deferment and forbearance will allow you to temporarily stop having payments or give you a temporary reduction of your monthly payment for a specific period. The difference between deferment and forbearance is in deferment, you may not accountable fo