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Graduation can be one of the happiest days of a student’s life – as well as the scariest! Eventually all graduates have to consider what they want to do with their lives after they’ve gotten their diplomas in hand and walked off the graduation stage into their futures – but you can take your mind off all that (at least for a little while) by taking our quizzes about graduation.

Do you know why Pomp and Circumstance is played – and played, and played, and played – during graduation ceremonies? What’s the deal with the fancy academic dress of hoods, robes, and silly hats that school officials and instructors wear, and why do the graduands have to get gussied up in robes and caps, too, for that matter? Take the time to take your mind off future plans and take our graduation quizzes today instead!


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  • What is the appropriate way of greeting the customer?

  • What product would you recommend to a customer who carries excessive valuables in a briefcase?

  • How should tellers act during a robbery?

  • What two Resources make Steel?

  • What are the four most important types of improvements your nation should have and should be purchased before all others?

  • What do you need to reach in order to buy nukes?

  • Sebutkan posisi pemerintahan tertinggi di NEW!

  • Yang bukan persyaratan untuk menjadi anggota NEW adalah?

  • Teknik tempur yang dilakukan dengan cara declare di hari yang berbeda untuk mencegah target masuk ke Peace Mode disebut?

  • Which of these countries use the academic title Valedictorian?

  • Which of these countries does not use the academic title Valedictorian?

  • Valedictorian is derived from which Latin word?