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  • What is the name of the biggest screwdriver tool?
    What is the name of the biggest screwdriver tool?
    The most considerable screwdriver may be a 34" head. Two measurements are noted for each screwdriver: the length of the shaft and the width of the head. I am indebted to the Guinness Book of Records for information about the most considerable screwdriver ever. The largest screwdriver is 6.32 m (20 ft 9 in) long, and was created by Aaditya Pratap Singh (India) and was presented and measured in Raipur, India, on 16 June 2016. The flathead screwdrivers are one type, but with the Phillips screwdrivers instead of a single metal blade of varying thickness and width, the screwdriver has a thicker shaft of metal that does not taper but is machined at the tip to form a '+.' A crosshead screwdriver is useless on a screw head with a single slot. A no. 4 Phillips' head fits the largest screw - say, a 24.

  • What type of note is this?
    What type of note is this?
    This note is a quaver. A quaver has half the length value of a crotchet and a quarter of the length value of a minim. You most often see a quiver as one of a pair, with the curly tail transformed into a straight line joining the couple, or as a triplet or in a set of four quavers. Alternatively, you may see a quiver on its own following a crotchet that carries a dot after it. This is called a dotted crotchet and is worth one and a half beats, the quaver providing the extra half pound. This affects the music of a vast, short rhythm, or like a man with a limp - long, short.

  • What does this symbol mean?
    What does this symbol mean?
    This is a hazard symbol, and it signifies lightning or electrical danger. Often construction sites where electrical cables are being laid or changed will show this sign to inhibit passers-by from casually entering the website, or to warn kids from playing around there. Usually when this sign is put up there really is a chance of severe danger and threat to life.

  • What type of rest is this?
    What type of rest is this?
    This is a crotchet rest. That is, the musician must pause for the same extent of time that a crotchet would take if played. A caprice is regarded as a quarter note, the brave being a whole note, and a semi-breve being half. However, the crochet is the kind of standard beat. There are four crotchets in a bar, for instance, so that the most straightforward tune would have four crotchets in each bar, but that would be like a funeral.

  • Which instruments use this clef sign?
    Which instruments use this clef sign?
    The 'cello and bass use this sign most. It is a bass signature. However, pianists use both treble and bass signatures. When you see this sign you know the music you will hear, whatever instrument it is played on, will be in the lower register - deep. Pianists develop their right hands more than their left, so often dread seeing the bass sign which signifies their weaker area of performance. If you get mixed up with the symptoms, remember the more fancy one is the treble clef. This one is the bass.

  • How many times have you ditched school?
    How many times have you ditched school?
    The answer is E.0

  • Which group has the most reactive metals?
    Which group has the most reactive metals?
    Electrons exchange energy in an attempt to obtain stability. All known chemical elements are shown on the periodic table. They range from the most reactive element group, which is the first group on the left of the table, the alkali metals, to the least reactive which is Group 8 the noble gasses. The most active group of metals on the periodic table, the alkali metals, have only one valence electron. Alkali metals are so reactive that they are not found naturally by themselves. You will find alkali metals in nature as parts of compounds. The most reactive non-metal element is fluoride, one of the Halogens, the non-metals group that is most reactive.

  • What are the color of my eyes?
    What are the color of my eyes?
    Now I can't see you, as you well know, so your question either tests my knowledge of where you are: for instance if you are in India I know you will have brown eyes - or if you are in the US where the entire range of possible eye colors exists, you will be testing my statistical knowledge of the distribution of eye color in the population. Well, here again, I'd go for brown because only 17% worldwide have blue eyes, though the rarest combination is the red hair and blue eyes. Nothing is certain. I have brown eyes, and of my six children, three have blue eyes. It does depend on your genetic mix.

  • What type of screw is this?
    What type of screw is this?

  • What  is the value of this note?
    What  is the value of this note?
    1/2 beat

  • What is this called?
    What is this called?

  • What type of note is this?
    What type of note is this?
    Eighth note

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