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Students in school/college work hard every day to fetch the best grades. Grades are a measure of expertise and knowledge in a particular course.

Get the best grade you can and have fun with our online quiz. Get an A+ on questions like: “What does GPA stand for?”, “Does Australia use different letters than most other countries for grading?”, “What is grade inflation?”, “In what year were the first grades given out?”, and “Who is William Farish?”.

Our test will make you feel like you aced it. Have fun getting an A+ in our quizzes and always remember to come back for more fun. You will enjoy this.  

In the following quiz, filled with grade practice test questions, we’re going to be offering up plenty of scenarios and examples and testing your ability to handle them in an appropriate and productive manner. For example,...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following 36 month old children is demonstrating characteristics associated with a significant delay in language development?

Compare how you would have voted to Representative Polis' record. The final grade is how you would grade your incumbent's voting record.

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    Are you in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment? A balanced budget amendment would limit the spending of the federal government to be equal or less than the revenue it collects each year. It would allow allow Congress to deficit spend in times of war, severe recession, or other emergency if 60% of both houses of Congress approved.  Yes: Future generations have a right to be protected from debts accumulated by earlier generations. No: It could limit the ability of future policy makers to use fiscal policy to counteract recessions or respond to national emergencies.

The following quiz will test your knowledge regarding the Grade Grievance training session.

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  • Sample Question
    Faculty are the universal control in the classroom.

Do you know that there are super geniuses among us? Some people have been known to be so smart that they would skip a grade or two in school. Given your intellect, do you know which grade you should be in? Would you skip a few or...

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Are you failing something in school?  Will you get a good grade if a test came out?  Try to answer these problems as best as you can.  Let's see what your score will be.

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  • Sample Question
    If there were 23 cats, 15 snakes, and 8 dogs, how many legs would there be in all?

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Grade Questions & Answers

What is the name of the biggest screwdriver tool?
The most considerable screwdriver may be a 34" head. Two measurements are noted for each screwdriver: the length of the shaft and the width of the head. I am indebted to the Guinness Book of Records for information about the most considerable sc
What type of note is this?
This note is a quaver. A quaver has half the length value of a crotchet and a quarter of the length value of a minim. You most often see a quiver as one of a pair, with the curly tail transformed into a straight line joining the couple, or as a tripl
What does this symbol mean?
This is a hazard symbol, and it signifies lightning or electrical danger. Often construction sites where electrical cables are being laid or changed will show this sign to inhibit passers-by from casually entering the website, or to warn kids from pl
What type of rest is this?
This is a crotchet rest. That is, the musician must pause for the same extent of time that a crotchet would take if played. A caprice is regarded as a quarter note, the brave being a whole note, and a semi-breve being half. However, the crochet is th