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What is the name of the biggest screwdriver tool?
The most considerable screwdriver may be a 34" head. Two measurements are noted for each screwdriver: the length of the shaft and the width of the head. I am indebted to the Guinness Book of Records for information about the most considerable sc
What type of note is this?
This note is a quaver. A quaver has half the length value of a crotchet and a quarter of the length value of a minim. You most often see a quiver as one of a pair, with the curly tail transformed into a straight line joining the couple, or as a tripl
What does this symbol mean?
This is a hazard symbol, and it signifies lightning or electrical danger. Often construction sites where electrical cables are being laid or changed will show this sign to inhibit passers-by from casually entering the website, or to warn kids from pl
What type of rest is this?
This is a crotchet rest. That is, the musician must pause for the same extent of time that a crotchet would take if played. A caprice is regarded as a quarter note, the brave being a whole note, and a semi-breve being half. However, the crochet is th