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Get the best grade you can and have fun with our online quiz. Get an A+ on questions like: “What does GPA stand for?”, “Does Australia use different letters than most other countries for grading?”, “What is grade inflation?”, “In what year were the first grades given out?”, and “Who is William Farish?”.

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  • Which of the following 36 month old children is demonstrating characteristics associated with a significant delay in language development?

  • Erik is a third-grade student who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. His teachers should be aware that Erik will likely experience the most difficulty with which of the following tasks?

  • Which of the following has been shown to be a leading prenatal cause of cognitive impairment?

  • Are you in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment? A balanced budget amendment would limit the spending of the federal government to be equal or less than the revenue it collects each year. It would allow allow Congress to deficit spend in times of war, severe recession, or other emergency if 60% of both houses of Congress approved.  Yes: Future generations have a right to be protected from debts accumulated by earlier generations. No: It could limit the ability of future policy makers to use fiscal policy to counteract recessions or respond to national emergencies.

  • Would you have voted to raise the debt ceiling? The U.S. government is a lot like a person in that it can borrow money. Unlike people, though, with the approval of Congress, the government can raise its debt ceiing - the most its legally allowed to owe - if it hits the current limit. That's sort of like you and I being able to automatically up our credit limit if we've maxed out our cards. The government raises its debt ceiling often, doing so 75 times in the previous 49 years. Here are the main pros and ons of raising the debt ceiling: Yes: Funding crises are averted, and the US avoids default. No: The government gets off the hook again, and America's debts will just keep on growing,

  • Would you vote to stop funding to NPR? The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was established in 1967 as a commercial-free alternative to the three national television channels which dominated broadcasting at that time. Yes: Public broadcasting is archaic and a waste of public monies. With today's technology and explosion of cable channels, broadcasting and the spread of information are available to all at little or no cost. No: Public broadcasting provides the public access to great music, art and literature programming not available on network television, cable or private radio. Read more here:  

  • Faculty are the universal control in the classroom.

  • When looking at student relationships, the student-to-student relationship is not considered.

  • Two key faculty responsibilities include meeting all provisions stated in the faculty handbook and adhering to the syllabi provisions for each course.


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