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Give your fifth grader a leg up by familiarizing yourself of what will be expected of them this upcoming school year. Did you know that the historical and social sciences analysis skills for kindergarten through fifth grade are an integral part of elementary school? They’re learning about more than history, science, and math in these years. They’re learning chronological and spatial thinking, research skills, point of view, and interpretation skills. Is your student ready to put these skills to the test in fifth grade?

What pre-Columbian settlements do students explore in the fifth grade? An overview of what introduces students to different groups of people on the North American continent? The Southern Colonies are also explored in the fifth grade, how did the Southern Colonies develop an economy? Do students learn about the American Revolution and the signing of the U.S. Constitution in the fifth grade? How are fifth grade student vocabularies expanded? What type of numerical expressions are fifth graders introduced to? Discover the answers by taking these quizzes now!

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