9th Grade Quizzes & Trivia

Welcome to freshman year! How you perform in high school can determine the rest of your academic career and potentially, the rest of your life. No pressure. You’re also given more options regarding what course you take outside of English, math, history, science, and physical education. Are you ready for your freshman year of high school? There’s only one way to find out! Most 9th graders are introduced to Algebra II and have their first experience with whole new slew of mathematical information.

Some of the things you may encounter include quadratic functions, compound interests, and what other kind of formulas? True or false: Ninth grade is when students are learn about sex education. Do students learn about progressivism in the ninth grade? Most students in the U.S. are expected to begin learning a second language during high school, what is the most popular second language choice? Do you have the answers? Prove it and take these quizzes now!

A practice exam to help study for an Environmental Earth Science exam. Based on a 9th-grade level.

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    What is true about the costal plain of North Carolina?

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    2/7  of  21 = ...................

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    You are assigned a broad topic to research. Before you can narrow your topic to a manageable one, you must take certain steps, which are listed below. Which of the following lists the steps in the correct order (first to last)? A. Write down things I need to learn more about the broad topic B. Write down what I already know about the broad topic C. Read about the broad topic

 Quiz 1 for Grade 9 in Microsoft Word.

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  • Sample Question
    A header and footer cannot be used in the same document.

Will go over several topics such as: pollination, parts of a flower, heritable and inheritable traits, reproduction (asexual and sexual) etc. Good Luck :) 

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  • Sample Question
    What is the purpose of the petal on a flower?

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9th Grade Questions & Answers

What are their ages? Jack is 5 years older than Mary. In four years the sum of their age is 33 years old.
Mary is 12 jack is 17 because 12added to 17 is equals to 29 and 29 added to 4 is equals to 33
What is the length of a diagonal to the nearest meter? A basketball court is a rectangle with dimensions 29m by 16m.
Pythagorean formula - square of a hypotenuse is equal to sum of squares of other two sides. The other 2 sides here are 29m and 16m - 29m squared = 841 and 16m squared = 256 for a total of 1097. The square root of 1097 is 33.12 and 33.12 does NOT 30 m
Why do species use resource partitioning in nature?
No, that answer is correct, but the organism on does it because both parties benefitin the symbiotic relationship