Top 1st Grade Quizzes & Trivia

Do you have a child preparing to enter the first grade? Are you curious about the first grade curriculum in the United States and what it covers? Would you like to know more? Well today is your lucky today! Take these educational and exciting quizzes and discover what your child should know and be able to do by the end of their first grade year. Your child will learn a lot regarding reading and foundational skills. They will be expected to produce sounds and analyze words at what level?

True or false: Students will be expected to write both brief narrative pieces and brief explanatory texts in the first grade curriculum. How many types of end punctuation are students introduced to in the first grade? Are first graders expected to add two-digit and one-digit numbers together? How are their measurement skills developed? Explore questions regarding history, science, physical education, the arts, world languages, and more with these helpful quizzes!

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  • Important football matches in England and Wales, _________the FA Cup final, can attract TV audiences all over the world.
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  • Because the traffic was so terrible, by the time we got to the airport, our airline's check-In counter had...... closed.
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  • Ms. Guth _________ rather not invest that money in the stock market.
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  • Which reindeer have antlers?

  • How long do reindeer live?

  • Reindeer shed their antlers.

  • what is the correct spelling of the following word:          encylopudia?

  • your in trouble, and you want to hide, what do you do?

  •             which  answer best suits this problem                      34___ 45