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If you want to get anywhere in life, it really helps to have good qualifications, and the way to ensure you get the grades you deserve is to study hard. There are different kinds of study of course, and lots of different subjects that you can study. If you think you know your etymology from your entomology then put your study skills to the test by completing our fun yet challenging study quizzes.

What is ethnology the study of? Meteorology is the study of which phenomenon? What would you call someone who studies algae? What part of the body would you be interested in if desmology was your thing. I hope you've studied hard, because the questions are about to begin.

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  • In which setting do you concentrate more?
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  • Where do you think the best place to study is?
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  • How long do you need to have to study?
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  • What is your favorite pass time?

  • What is/was your favorite subject at High School?

  • What does your dream profession involve?

  • After a long day of travel, you’ve made it to your final destination. You’re exhausted, but rule number one of arriving in a foreign country is to acclimate to the new time zone ASAP. So, instead of napping, you:

  • You have a day off from classes and your program has nothing scheduled for you to do. You:

  • Despite the fact that that you are in an exotic and foreign land, studying is a main part of the studying abroad experience. You’ll be cracking down on homework at:

  • What refers to the number of requests for an item within a given time frame, regardless of the quantity requested or issued?

  • The blood of the average man contains approximately how many red blood cells per cubic millimeter?

  • An abnormal white blood cell count of 10,000 to 30,000/mm3 is representative of what infection