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If you want to get anywhere in life, it really helps to have good qualifications, and the way to ensure you get the grades you deserve is to study hard. There are different kinds of study of course, and lots of different subjects that you can study. If you think you know your etymology from your entomology then put your study skills to the test by completing our fun yet challenging study quizzes.

What is ethnology the study of? Meteorology is the study of which phenomenon? What would you call someone who studies algae? What part of the body would you be interested in if desmology was your thing. I hope you've studied hard, because the questions are about to begin.

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  • Chapter 1 Course Introduction - TSgt Browning just passed her final NCO DLC summative evaluation. She decides to review her test results and thinks about how she is going to use this to improve herself. She also thinks about how she can use the information she learned in her work center. TSgt Browning’s actions BEST illustrates ___________________.

  • Chapter 1 Course Introduction - While preparing for his first NCO DLC summative evaluation TSgt Henderson set up his goals in order of importance. When it was time to study, he didn’t put it off to a later time or day. Throughout his preparation he maintained his drive to pass the evaluation. After testing, he was informed that he passed with a 90%. The scenario above BEST illustrates _________________ and their impact on NCO effectiveness.

  • symbol # in front of a CPT code means

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