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Do you love reading passages or articles? Can you answer the central theme? If Yes, then take this quiz to your reading skills. You will understand each paragraph and then answer a question about the main idea and supporting...

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  • Sample Question
      There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks.  Some are as long as a fire truck.  Some are so small you could hold one in your hand.  Some sharks have dull teeth.  Others have teeth so sharp they can take a bite out of a turtle's shell.  Did you know that some sharks even live in rivers?  While other sharks hide on the ocean bottom camoflauging themselves so they can catch fish.  There are even some sharks that glow in the dark! Many people don't know how diverse the species of sharks are.The main idea of this article is:

Test helps to gauge student improvement in reading.

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  • Sample Question
    Select the Main Idea: Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants. They will look and behave much like real humans. We will be able to talk to these mechanical helpers and they will be able to respond in kind. Amazingly, the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience. They will be smart, strong, and untiring workers whose only goal will be to make our lives easier.

It's time to answer some cool and interesting questions about some main ideas and details!

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  • Sample Question
    Do you ever wonder how you taste things? You owe your sense of taste to your taste buds. We have nine thousand taste buds just on the tongue alone. There are also taste buds on the roof of your mouth. You even have taste buds on the back of your throat.

Short passage with 5 questions about creating the main idea from supporting details 

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  • Sample Question
    What is the author trying to show the reader with this article?

The main idea sentence of a paragraph tells what the paragraph is about. The other sentences are details. Read the story and find the main idea.

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  • Sample Question
    Thursday, I went Trick-or-Treating.  I love to get a whole sack full of candy.  It’s fun to see all of the different costumes.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It is so much fun to dress up and meet my friends.