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It can be normal for you to become very interested in aerodynamics. This is a study of how the air can move around the different things around you. Anything that can move through the air is reacting to aerodynamics and this makes it even more interesting to a lot of people. Are you also interested in this? If you are, then you can always research more about this and how this is triggered.

It will also help if you check out the various quizzes that can be found online about aerodynamics. You will probably have a lot of fun answering the questions, especially if you know that you are right. If your answers are not correct, do not worry, the quizzes are meant to help you understand more details about aerodynamics in general.
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This quiz covers the aerodynamics content from Lecture 1.  You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz and only one attempt.  You must use Firefox Mozilla to view this quiz without problems. Enter your GMU ID number...

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    Ambient Pressure is the pressure of the

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Aerodynamics is the study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air. Studying the motion of air around an object allows us to measure the forces of lift, which allows an aircraft to overcome gravity. Test...

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     Jocelyn was curious about the air pressure within a volleyball. She decided to place a well stretched balloon onto an inflation needle which she then inserted into a fully inflated volleyball.What did Jocelyn observe? The volume of the balloon will

Basic aerodynamics to stability quiz. It is designed to cover Aerodynamic Principles Chapter 3, Section B Stability. As an engineer, you will be expected to ensure that the plane you are working on is in top shape and can be...

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    An airplane said to be inherently stable will

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    At higher altitudes as altitude increases, pressure. ​​​​​​​

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Aerodynamics Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of wing flaps?
Wing flaps have a few purposes. They assist in allowing the aircraft to have greater lift at a lower speed. This prevents stalling and is useful during takeoff and when landing. Flaps do cause drag so they are folded back when not in use although thi
Why can't ostriches fly?
1. the force of gravity is greater than the force of lift that their wings can generate-animals have adaptations that allow them to live more easily in their environment. in the case of birds, there are two major adaptations that make them suited to
What happens to wind as it passes in between large buildings and skyscrapers?
It speeds up While some oncoming wind is diverted over buildings, the majority is forced into the channels between the buildings, causing unusually fast wind gusts as more air is forced into a smaller channel. This is why winds in the city center ar
What does Bernoulli's Principle state?
Less pressurized-bernoullis principle states that as fluids move faster, they decrease in pressure. thus, the faster moving air between buildings would be of lesser pressure. lift on an airplane follows this principal because the wing is shaped su
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