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What is the difference between Teacher and Professor?
Teachers and professors are two different professions that belong basically to the academic field. They are well-respected people in society. They are committed to improving themselves in their professions, and also play major roles in impacting the
What is the time interval in which Juan stop for a water break?The graph below relates distance to time for a jogger on a morning run. Juan is on a morning jog. His speed is represented in...
The correct answer is option C Juan stopped for a water break between 7 and 10 minutes. On the graph, we can see that from 0 to 6 minutes Juan was jogging as this is represented by the increase in distance covered to the time change. From 7 to 11 mi
What is teacher morale?
Teacher morale refers to the enthusiasm of a teacher. Teachers that truly enjoy what they are doing. Such teachers often possess attributes such as willingness to make a difference, passion for their job, cheerfulness, confidence, and cooperation wit