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    1.       Which of the following is not found in a plant cell?

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    What should you do before using a ladder? 

**Refer to the Travel Syst Admin Guide on the Travel Training Toolkit, as well as the Concur Admin User Guide within Confluence, for extra assistance.

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    What specific steps would you take to validate if the Southwest Direct Connect is turned on for a site?

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What is the Par/Level 2 Star field in a user's profile (in Administrative view) pertinent to?
The Par/Level 2 Starfield pertains to GDS profile name. There are a lot of people who may become confused with this especially when they see it for the first time. The more that you know about this, the more that you will understand what it is for. T
What is a Guaranteed Ticketing Carrier?
The ticketing carrier is a carrier that issues you a ticket. Carriers that participate in airline alliances such as Star Alliance, Sky Team, or One World, almost always have interline agreements with each other. When a ticket is issued for an itiner
Which of the below are e-learning tools?
All of the above-whiteboards / discussion forum: post ideas on shared space, not as a flipchart, it is interactive and collaborative e.g. capture expectations at the beginning of the class, and to see if they are met at the end. and to capture the pa
The N_________ L___________ N__________ provides a collection of online, interactive, bite sized chunks of learning material which are available to use in Moodle. What is the NLN?
Its like a public learning materal and teachers are there to show how to do stuff (like Math,Science,Social Studies,English and all sorts of stuff.