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From fish that walked to feathered dinosaurs, and even to the earth’s first flowering plants, fossil finds give us a portal through which we can peer back into the past and see what life would have been like. All kinds of amazing moments have been captured in amber (or rather, under layers and layers of rock) for scientists to study and the rest of us to marvel at:

fossilized battles between dinosaurs, mass extinctions, and even our own early human ancestors in the form of hominids and Australopithecus like Taung Man and Lucy. Think that you know the difference between Tiktaalik and Archaeopteryx – or want to know more? Take our fossil quizzes and also explore all that pre-history has to offer with our dinosaur quizzes and Paleontology quizzes.

Quiz on vocabulary flip books made for packets 1-3

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  • Sample Question
    The idea that geologic changes happen gradually over time.

This quiz is testing your knowledge and understanding of types of fossils, dating methods and the three eras and time periods.

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    The following diagram best represents what type of fossil?

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    Scientists study fossils...

This quiz sees how much you remember from Chapter 3. 

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    Fossils can form when plants and animals are buried in _____________________.

Quiz Description

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  • Sample Question
     Who studies fossils?       

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Fossil Questions & Answers

Which item would look most like an ancient organism?
The correct answer is letter A. Disregarding the footprint, a cast fossil would look more like an ancient organism more than a mold fossil. The mold fossil has a hollow look where an organism left its impression that underwent mineralization over tim
What does the difference in the following bone arrangements suggest?
Answer 3they have adaptations to survive in different environments because it says differences in bone structures.
Does uniform itarianism state that processes occurring on Earth’s surface today are similar to those that occurred in Earth’s past?
Yes, uniform itarianism states that processes occurring on Earth’s surface today are similar to those that occurred in Earth’s past
Who is he?