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Do you know how the atoms are generally classified? Can you tell how much of the atom’s mass is concentrated in its nucleus? What was the name of the scientist who discovered nuclear fission? Check out the online atom quizzes to test yourself by answering questions like these and learn more.
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When we look at the scientific field of chemistry, there is arguably no more important topic that the atom. Once you start studying it, however, the subject matter can seem tough to come to grips with. Today, we aim to help...

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    The three basic components of an atom are:

Atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter. They have the ability to join together and form molecules, which also join together to form the object that we can clearly see around us. Atoms are composed of particles...

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Today we tackle one of the most important topics in the scientific field of chemistry – the atom! What do you know about the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter, how it came to be discovered and what makes it...

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    How do scientists know how atoms are structured?

This is quiz about the theories involving atoms and who created these theories.  It also invludes counting atoms vocabulary.

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    ________ said that everything in the universe is made up of tiny particles called atoms?

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Atom Questions & Answers

What is the electronic configuration of Vanadium that has an atomic number of 23?
Electron configurations are the patterns of arrangement of electrons that are associated with a certain molecule or atom. In order to figure the electron configuration of an element, you've got to know the atomic number. Vanadium's atomic number is
What is the difference between Molar Mass and Atomic Mass?
The molar mass and Atomic mass are both important terms in chemistry. You can easily confuse one for another because both contain the word 'mass.' By definition, molar mass means the mass of a particular element or compound divided by the amount of s
What is the difference between Aldose and Ketose?
The aldose molecules have five hydroxyl groups. The majority of aldose molecules usually has a cyclic structure. Often, when the molecules of a hydrocarbon have a cyclic structure, they would form a six-member ring structure, which is called a hemiac
What is the difference between Orbit and Orbital?
Orbit is a circular pathway that has a fixed path around a central point, while orbital is an uncertain area the nucleus of an atom. When we say orbit, we refer to the gravitationally curved trajectory of an object, such as the path of a planet about
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