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       The nurse is caring for a client who was admitted with an exacerbation of COPD. The client’s respirations are 28 with dyspnea on exertion. The client is receiving 2 L of oxygen per nasal cannula. The morning pulse oximetry is 92 %. Which nursing intervention is priority?

Questions are taken from Kozier & Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing.

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    The nurse is to teach a client with Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease safety precautions for using oxygen at home. The nurse knows that the client understands the safety principles discussed when he says the following:

At standard temperature and pressure, oxygen exists as a colorless, odorless diatomic molecule with the formula O2, in which the two oxygen atoms are bonded to each other with the electron configuration of triplet oxygen. This...

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    What is Atomic radius of Oxygen?

Unit 3b (Oxy-Acetylene Torches)

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    In regards to storage, cylinders which are full must be stored upright where they are protected from damage. However, empty cylinders may be stored horizontally and on the ground. 

Oxygen is a vital component required for life to survive both for plant or animal life. Use this quiz to test out how well you know facts about the precious gift from mother nature.

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    THERE ARE TWO SETS OF REGULATORS AND VALVES: Select the types of gasses that the regulators and valves are for.

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Oxygen Questions & Answers

How many commanders do personnel report to under unity of command?
The answer to the question and what I put as the answer are one and the same but I was counted as wrong.
What is the difference between RBC And Hemoglobin?
A lot of people find it hard to differentiate hemoglobin from RBC probably because they still do not know enough details about it. RBC stands for Red Blood Cells. The RBC will make sure that carbon dioxide that can be found all over the body will be
What exactly is the difference between pressure compensated and non-compensated thorpe tubes? One more flowmeter question and then we are on to bigger and better things.
1. More than 1 answer is correctBoth the 1st and 3rd options are correct. Because of the distal placement of the needle valve on a pressure compensated thorpe tube, backpressure is prevented from messing with the reading in the tube and will not aff
What should be done next? Patient is in respiratory distress with BP 160/100 resp. rate 32bpm, O2sat is 84%. Doctor orders O2 to maintain saturation over 90%.
1. Non rebreather maskAlthough nothing specific was ordered and any of these might accomplish the goal, the way I understood it was to go for the biggest bang for your buck, which in this case happens to be the nonrebreather which provides 60-80% var