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Did you know that there are 8.7 million species of organisms on Earth? That’s quite a lot and that’s just an estimate. Even infection-causing bacteria which were the reason why the aliens died in the movie “War of the worlds” are organisms.

From unicellular to multicellular, as tiny as bacteria or as huge as blue whales, living organisms can be identified in a number of ways. What is the difference in a prokaryote and a eukaryote? Are you familiar with the lifespan of most organisms?

How do organisms interact with their environment? If you know the answers to these questions then you might be able to get a high score in our quizzes. Check out our quizzes now and prove your superiority, homo sapien!
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A Phylum or Phyla constitutes the largest scientific grouping of life forms sharing the same general body plan or characteristics.  The classification of the animal kingdom is called Metazoa. So, let's try out the...

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    How many true phyla are there in the animal kingdom?

Different living organisms reproduce in different ways. Plants have their ways of reproduction while animals have theirs. All these are important biological concepts to study. The quiz below tests and advances your knowledge...

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    Testesterone, the male hormone is produced by _________.

Below is an Organisms Reproduction System quiz that is designed to see just how well you know about it. All living things can reproduce, and they have specific systems that ensure they accomplish that task. Do you know how the...

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    The disease caused by micro-organism which reproduces by multiple fission is known as:

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    Fungus and algae both are placed under the same division “Thallophyta”.What is the reason that both share the same group?


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    Where could you find members of the Kingdom Monera that are autotrophs?


Organism Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Detritivores and Decomposers?
A decomposer is a term for organisms that break down diseased or decaying organisms. The decomposers are accountable for the decomposing process of a dead organism. Decomposers are heterotrophic, which means they utilize organic substances as sources
What is the difference between a Toxin and a Toxoid?
The term toxin, as it relates to human beings, is a poisonous or harmful substance that is produced within their cells of living organisms. Toxins can be proteins, small molecules, and peptides. However, they are capable of causing diseases in living
What is the difference between Archaea and Bacteria?
Both bacteria and the archaea possess distinct Ribosomal Nucleic Acids (rRNA). Archaea do have three RNA polymerases, just like eukaryotes, but the bacteria only possess one. Archaea do have cell walls that lack peptidoglycan, and they also do have m
What is the difference between Algae and Protozoa?
Algae and Protozoa are two examples of organisms that belong to the same kingdom. Both belong to the kingdom Protista. And since they are from the same kingdom, they are very similar based on some properties that are common between them. They are euk
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