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Our world is incredibly diverse, both in terms of the geology of its landscape and seascape, and the huge and varied flora and fauna upon it. Wherever we go on our planet there are living things, even in the harshest of environments. From single cell amoeba to the huge blue whale, each are governed by their own biology. Are you fascinated by biology and zoology? Do you love to read about, or watch shows about, life on Earth? If so, you're sure to enjoy our Living Things quizzes.

What is the most populous group of living things on the planet? Can you name the oldest living thing on Earth? What carries blood around the human body? What defines a marsupial? These are just some of the many questions awaiting you, so take some quizzes today.
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Characteristics of living things quiz test. Living things are all the plants and animals found on earth. They rely on each other to maintain life. Some of the common characteristics they have with each other are their ability...

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    All matter can be considered living or non-living.

Mari kita cuba kuiz ini. Marilah, jangan malu-malu.

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    Which of the following ia a living thing?

Choose true or false!

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    Plants and animals are non living things.

Wordplay can increase someone’s memory skills and helps you learn a lot of things in a fun way. The quiz below is designed to help you out when it comes to everything concerning living things. Take one letter from each word...

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Environment means whatever we see and observe around us. Whether its plants, animals, people, and even microorganisms all are part of the environment. These all are living portions known as biotic parts.  Whereas, rocks,...

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  • Sample Question
    What is a habitat?

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Living Things Questions & Answers

What must an object have to be considered alive?
An object should possess all the characteristics of living things which are the ability of Excretion, Growth, Movement, Nutrition, Reproduction, Respiration, and Sensitivity. Living things absorb and use energy for them to develop and grow. All thin
Can all matter be considered living things?
The answer to this question is actually quite complicated. The simplest answer is B. Matter is defined as anything that takes up space and has mass. This does include living things such as humans, plants, and cells. They all have matter and are alive
What is the order of classification of living things?
Okay, this is a throwback to AP biology my senior year of high school. The correct answer is A: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. Most people will get that the domain is the largest, and genus and species are the smallest
Is it true that living things rely on other living things to stay alive?
Living things like plants dosen't rely on other living things
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