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Every type of matter is made up of atoms. How much do you know about atoms and their structure? Every atom has a nucleus but did you know that they also have a surrounding cloud of protons, neutrons, and electrons? Did you know that the atomic number of an atom is based on the number of protons?

The nucleus is surrounded by an “electron cloud” but did you know that it doesn’t have a distinct boundary? Most people know that protons have positive charges and electrons have a negative charge, but did you know that neutrons don’t carry a charge at all? Can you name the force that attracts electrons to protons? Do you know how many protons a copper atom has? Check out some of our quizzes and see how many questions like these you can answer!

Simple quiz on atomic structure, chemical bonding and the periodic table.

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    What are isotopes?


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Do you believe that you understand all there is to the structure of an atom after we have began the unit on atoms? If so then this quiz is just for you. Give it a shot and get to understand all that was covered in the unit....

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    A neutron carries a positive charge.

The atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter. It is made up of different parts. Do you know these parts? Take up the quiz below and gauge your understanding of atomic Chemistry. All the best as you try.Helium...

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    How many electrons does a Helium atom contain?

Choose or type the answer that best completes each question or prompt.

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    The diagram below represents carbon-14. What is the mass number of carbon-14?  

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Atomic Structure Questions & Answers

Which answer is the electron configuration of Vanadium that has an atomic number of 23?
Electron configurations are the patterns of arrangement of electrons that are associated with a certain molecule or atom. In order to figure the electron configuration of an element, you've got to know the atomic number. Vanadium's atomic number is
What type of particles did Rutherford use in his experiment?
Why my answer is wrong plese send proof alfa or alfa particles both are correct
How do you calculate the average atomic mass of an element?
To calculate the average atomic mass of an element you must find out the number of isotopes of that specific element and multiply it by the fraction of the mass. Isotopes are each of two or more forms of the same element that contain equal numbers of
Which of the following statements regarding atomic particles is false?
Write the chemical symbol referring to each of the following descriptions A.25 protons and 25 electrons