History Of The World Quizzes & Trivia

There were a lot of interesting things in the past that we should learn and discover. We are not here today if not of our great ancestors who left a legacy of preserving culture and tradition in the old days.

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    What do you call the human made items from the ancient times?

This test shows you how well you know about your history good luck

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    What year was the civil war?


History Of The World Questions & Answers

Why did the Meiji reformers actively copy the western Europeans and Americans?
5. they understood the danger of those two groups and wanted to find a way to avoid commercial and/or imperial domination by either one.
Which of the following was not one of John Lockes main ideas?
Although kings did have divine sanction, their subjects maintained personal rights
The leaders of the French Revolution
Called for the complete reorganizing of French political, social, and cultural structures