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Islam Questions & Answers

What is Islam? 
All of the above because they are ALL true about Islam
Can you complete the sentence?There are multiple causes of theological controversies, including____
Rephrase the question. 3 is an exception to what can cause controversy while all other options are true.
Who was the first sahabi to recite the Quran aloud to Quraysh?
The holy book for the Islam religion is called the Quran. A sahabi is an assistant to the Islam prophet. They are usually men. Abu Bakr was the son-in-law of the prophet who founded the Islam religion, Muhammad. Bakr was the highest leader to the pro
Who was the first Sahabi to recite Quran aloud to Quraysh?
Letter A is the correct answer to this question. Abdullah Ibn Masud, even though from Makkah, spent most of his time outside the city as a shepherd. He accepted the Islam faith when he was still a youth and made a devotion in serving the Messenger of