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It is the central religious text of Islam and it has an astronomic importance for the Islamic faith. The Quran is also a very important piece of worldwide literature. Do you know enough about the Quran though?

Let’s see you answering these questions we prepared for you. But before those you should have a look at these samples we’ve got here: What does Quran literally mean in English? Muslims believed the Quran was revealed from God to Muhammad through what angel? What are the names of the chapters and verses of the Quran respectively? Muslims believe that the Quran was verbally revealed to Muhammad over a period of approximately how many years? Answer all of these questions and even more to finish the Quran trivia.

This will test you on word meanings of Soorah Fateha in Quran.

Questions: 19  |  Attempts: 131   |  Last updated: Jan 2, 2013
  • Sample Question

Questions: 17  |  Attempts: 87   |  Last updated: Dec 19, 2016
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is the languistic meaning of the name Shith?

This quiz will test you inshaAllah on word by word meanings of ayah 1 to 7 of Soorah Al-Baqara in Noble Quran.

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 79   |  Last updated: Dec 19, 2016
  • Sample Question

Surah An-Nisa (Ayah 51–162)

Questions: 7  |  Attempts: 75   |  Last updated: Dec 13, 2012
  • Sample Question
    Please answer in the light of Ayah 59 of Surah Annisa

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 73   |  Last updated: Feb 20, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Al Qur'an terdiri dari ... juz?

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Quran Questions & Answers

What is the meaning of the word (Hamd)?
All of the adove I said thank you very much
Why are Surah Baqarah verse 40-121 about Jews?
They are the children of the noble and honorable family, Allah is reminding them of their misdeeds and inviting them towards the straight path.
What is the applied meaning of tajweed?
Articulating each letter from its place of articulation and giving it its due right and characteristics.