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The United Nations was formed back in 1945 just after the end of the Second World War. The main aim of this was to ensure that the member nations would promote international cooperation and achieve peace and security. Take up the...

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    In which year did the United Nations come into existence?

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    1974 was declared as the year of_________ by U.N.O

This is a quiz on the UN MDGs.

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    1. Which of the following conditions are sustainable?


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    The UNO was established in 

Test your knowledge of the UN Caribbean and the UN MSDF!

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    What does the acronym ‘MSDF’ stands for?

United Nations Questions & Answers

Which countries have protected terrorists by vetoing military action at UN Security Council?
For a start, the Vatican, the Roman Catholic church in Italy, protected Nazis seeking refuge after the end of WW2. I think Nazis could be considered terrorists in that the number of their victims could be counted in thousands. More recently, Pakistan
How likely is it that United Nations will fail its objective of peacekeeping?
I do not think it is at all likely that the United Nations (UN) will fail in its peacekeeping objectives. It is true that in the 1990’s the reputation of UN peacekeeping was tarnished as their efforts in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Somali
Which is the most suitable option here? The United National is divided into _____________ administrative bodies.
I think 6 blocks UN General Assembly UN Security Council Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice
Who is the present Secretary General of United Nations?