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This is it. It is the biggest stage of international football. It doesn't get any better than this. The stadium is full and it’s time to go on to the pitch. Everything you’ve worked on, everything you’ve played for in the last two years sums up to this. Can you follow in the footsteps of legendary figures like Pele, Maradona, Zidane or Ronaldo?

What is the nation that has won the most World Cups? What is the nation that won the World Cup in 1990? In 1986, against who did Maradona score the goal that is considered the most beautiful goal in World Cup history? Who was the legendary Brazilian player that scored the most goals in 2002? Take your team to glory and claim the World Cup.

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  • When was the first world cup tournament held?  

  • Where was the last world cup tournament held?  

  • Which team has the most trophies?  

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  • Right, lets get this game under way....Please always enter A,B,C or D etc.. to the answer of your choice given from the selection below the question.Q1) Your dream Saturday night out would involve....A) going out at night is fine, but only after a great day, its all about the build up. A day with all my best friends having great food, drink, adventures and funny stories to remember.B) after a hard week an evening of theatre or a new art gallery opening, relaxing but stimulating for the mind. Then something spontaneous, like letting loose in a street carnival or taking a ride to an exciting foreign destination.C) going to a secret underground club hidden from view by the world, where all manner of dark fetishes, oddly dressed people and surreal performances are on display. A place where magic and eccentrics collide.D) hosting your own party, complete with invites only and themed rooms. Games and competitions throughout the night, which you have arranged.E) given a pocket of money to go to a racing event, where speed danger and gambling are thrown into the mix. A night full of adrenaline and the chance to win big!..or not.F)crashing in on the biggest party of the year, where all the biggest names in showbiz are attending. Free drink, free food and probably free drugs, you take the party by storm and even appear in the papers the next day.G) winning the lottery jackpot and only being able to keep it if you spend it all on yourself before midnight.H) fireworks! expensive champagne and fine dining maybe on a boat or plane, heading to an island for the night, coupled with singing and dancing and glamorous people.

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  • Where was the first World cup held?
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  • Which country won most World cups?
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  • Winner of the first World cup was...
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