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  • What is a pigskin?
    What is a pigskin?
    A slang term for a football..In the past the cover of a football was actually made from a pigs skin.

  • How many different ways are there to score in football?
    How many different ways are there to score in football?
    You cannot score a field goal or a two point conversion without scoringa touchdown first. This makes the only impossible scores in football 1-0 or 1-1.

  • What honor did British footballer Wayne Rooney earn for the year 2002?
    What honor did British footballer Wayne Rooney earn for the year 2002?
    Wayne Mark Rooney is an English professional footballer born 24 October in 1985. In 2002, Rooney was announced as 2002's BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year. He was the first footballer this win this award. He is third in United's all-time scorer's list with 236 goals chasing Sir Bobby Charlton's target of 249. In October 2014, Rooney became the first Premier League footballer to reach ten million followers. In August 2017, Rooney announced his retirement from international football. However, Rooney played one more international match on the 4 November 2018 this was done to promote The Wayne Rooney Foundation, a new charity organization.

  • Name these famouse NFL coaches from left to right.
    Name these famouse NFL coaches from left to right.
    Maybe I'm just blind, but the only picture I saw was of Vince Lombardi.

  • Why did Diego Maradona get so fat during his career?
    Why did Diego Maradona get so fat during his career?
    Diego Maradona played soccer or football professionally for Argentina. He played in the 1980s and 1990s. As a matter of fact, he played in the 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1994 World Cups. Diego Maradona is known for his skills in dribbling and ball control. He could pass well and really was able to set up good plays. However, soccer players like Diego Maradona must exercise a lot and keep in shape while they are playing for a national team. However, once the soccer player stops playing, then they usually do not keep in shape as much. Also, Diego is known for using drugs and having health issues. Both of these reasons could have been what caused Diego to put on weight.

  • Who are the best 'dark horses' in football?
    Who are the best 'dark horses' in football?
    It is a known fact that there are some teams in the World Cup that managed to win twice. Some have won once. There are some teams that have gotten close to winning but fell short at the very last moment. One of these teams is Croatia. This is known to be one of the strongest teams available, at least on paper. If they would be able to prove that they are good, then they might stand a chance against the perennial favorites. Another dark horse is Belgium. This is one of those teams that has managed to reach the top 8 last World Cup and its roster seems promising. Who knows, it may be their time to take the coveted trophy home. There are a lot of people who think that Peru is one of the teams that can become a shocker because the team has improved steadily over the past years.

  • Who is the goalkeeper for Argentina in 2018 FIFA world cup?
    Who is the goalkeeper for Argentina in 2018 FIFA world cup?
    During the 2018 FIFA world cup, Sergio Romero is the goalkeeper for Argentina. He began playing internationally in 2007. Romero is currently thirty-one years old and was born in Argentina. He is over six feet tall. In the 2014, Romero and the rest of the Argentine national team were the runner-up in the FIFA world cup. That shows the strength of the team. In the past Romero played 3 games in 2018, eight games in 2017, fifteen games in 2016, thirteen games in 2015, thirteen games in 2014, ten games in 2013, nine games in 2012, ten games in 2011, eleven games in 2010 and four games in 2009. He also plays for Manchester United and previously played on loan with Monaco.

  • Should host teams be allowed to get default qualification for a world cup?
    Should host teams be allowed to get default qualification for a world cup?
    The whole purpose in the World Cup is to determine which team is the best soccer team in the world at that current time. No team should be to qualify for the world cup simply because they are hosting the world cup. This would not serve its purpose because it would knock another team out of the qualification just because they did not get to host the world cup. Other ways of providing gratitude to the host team could be done, but it shouldn’t affect the outcome of the games. It could even be where the location of the world cup is rotated to the different teams. Anyway, the host team already has an uncontrolled advantage. They are used to the time since it is in their country.

  • Why do Americans call it soccer?
    Why do Americans call it soccer?
    This was probably because the United States morphed their own game that they called football. They cannot use the term football when they have another sport with that name. It can only end up making people confused. This explains why they called football, “soccer.” There are some World Cup fans who find this unacceptable though but this is just one of the many differences that people encounter because of their culture, upbringing, and beliefs. It will be hard to enforce something on other people just because it is what we believe in. The rest of the world calls the “Football” of United States “American Football” to lessen the confusion that people may undergo.

  • Who designs and makes footballs for the world cups?
    Who designs and makes footballs for the world cups?
    The World Cup has made people want to get as much information about it as they can. Adidas Telstar is in charge of designing and providing the balls that will be used for the whole event. This was announced November of 2017 and people have anticipated how the ball would look like ever since. The balls come with a near-field communication chip. This means that it can be connected to people’s smartphones. Just how amazing this ball would be when played, right? The problem with this ball is that it is not perfect yet. There are incidents wherein the ball suddenly burst in the middle of playing training games. The ball is expected to work well during the actual World Cup matches.

  • Who is the mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
    Who is the mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
    The official mascot of the 2018 World Cup is Zabivaka. There is an actual meaning to this word. Zabikava means, “The one who scores.” It is only fitting that all of the players would like to score while they are playing games. This wolf mascot is known to be funny, friendly, and confident. These are some of the attributes that players are expected to exhibit during the whole duration of the tournament. This mascot is expected to become even more popular as the days go by. The more people who become familiar with the mascot, the more that it will be checked through its official Facebook page. This is one mascot that will entertain the crowds during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

  • Why is Italy not in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
    Why is Italy not in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
    There are a lot of Italian players who are considered to be gifted in providing the type of gameplay that is expected from them. It is a surprise that Italy was not able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Italy used to be one of the powerhouses in Football and the fact that it was not able to enter is devastating for a lot of people. It might be a misfortune in their part because they were grouped with Spain. Their second-place finish is probably best out of all the groups but the fact remains that they are second in the group which means that they do not qualify. Italy went through some struggles this year. If they can make some more changes to their gameplay, they may enter the next World Cup years from now.

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