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  • What are the four sub-fields of anthropology ?

  • To study all aspects of a culture in order to understand the whole culture is ...

  • What is learned, and shared behaviors and beliefs ?

  • Which of the following was a characteristic shared by recent foraging communities?

  • In recent times, many hunting-and-gathering groups have been exposed to the idea of food production (i.e., farming) but they have never adopted it. Why not?

  • A horticultural system of cultivation is characterized by

  • The behavior of a dog learning commands shares all the following characteristics with a cultural behavior EXCEPT:

  • When we say that culture is shared "extragenetically" we mean it:

  • An artifact is:

  • The idea of biological evolution goes back to?

  • Archbishop James Ussher is credited with calculating the age of the earth at about?

  • Jean de Lamarcks idea about biological evolution included both correct and incorrect parts.  Which of his ideas has proved to be correct?