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    Globalization represents an increasing integration of all of the following except 

This is a quiz on the development of globalization and its consequences.

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Test your knowledge on how media globalization affects your life by taking this short quiz.

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    What does Borgmann state convergence does to a person’s life?

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    According to the lectures, among the reasons given for the relative ease with which Japan modernized in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (in comparison with China) are all the following except 

Want to know if you´re a product of globalization or if you´ve been living under a rock your whole life? With this quiz, you´ll find out based on the five principles of globalization where you stand on a global...

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    When you don´t know something where do you go to find it out?

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Globalization Questions & Answers

Who were the native americans?
The first people who was staying in USA  and they are speaking with other languege
How does globalization affect individual self-identity?
Globalisation affectsevery aspect of an individual'slifeincluding, religion, food, transport, language, music and clothing. Itaffectseach individual differently however, depending on a diverse number of factors such as location, education and income.
What is globalization?
Universal Inter national