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Age Of Exploration Questions & Answers

What technologies wre used in the age of exploration?
Navigation Ships because the sail thingy was also madethe triangular sails were used during this era and improved sailing in order to travel farther due to the shape of the sail
Who was America named after?
The United States of America was actually named after an italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci. The whole of the Americas both North America and South America were named after Vespucci. The America’s were first referred to as the New World v
Which technologies improved in the age of exploration?
C. Ships is also a correct answer, due to the fact that new ships like the "caravel" in this case built by the Portuguese,were being developedto explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean, making ships another improved
Who is this guy?
He is Columbus. His full name was Christopher Columbus and he was an Italian explorer and navigator. He was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, now it's called Italy. He loved to make voyages and he was a self-explorer also. Between the years149