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  • What technologies wre used in the age of exploration?
    What technologies wre used in the age of exploration?
    Navigation Ships because the sail thingy was also madethe triangular sails were used during this era and improved sailing in order to travel farther due to the shape of the sail

  • Who was America named after?
    Who was America named after?
    The United States of America was actually named after an italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci. The whole of the Americas both North America and South America were named after Vespucci. The America’s were first referred to as the New World vs the Old World consisting of Europe and Asia. In addition to being an explorer Vespucci was also a financier, a navigator, and a cartographer. Vespucci was born in Florence on the Italian peninsula in 1454 and he lived until 1512. Vespucci went on four significant voyages of exploration during his life. In his later life Vespucci ran a school for navigators in the Spanish House of Trade.

  • Which technologies improved in the age of exploration?
    Which technologies improved in the age of exploration?
    C. Ships is also a correct answer, due to the fact that new ships like the "caravel" in this case built by the Portuguese,were being developedto explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean, making ships another improved technology.

  • Who is this guy?
    Who is this guy?
    He is Columbus. His full name was Christopher Columbus and he was an Italian explorer and navigator. He was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, now it's called Italy. He loved to make voyages and he was a self-explorer also. Between the years1492 and 1504, he completed his four voyages to the Caribbean and South America.  

  • What things did the Europeans do in this period?
    What things did the Europeans do in this period?

  • At what century did the Age of Exploration Start?
    At what century did the Age of Exploration Start?
    That is not true because lots of explores like Marco polo and Hernan Cortes also vasco de Gama and like HernandoDesoto and prince henry the navigator, Francisco pizarro and Dias and amerigo Vespucciand ponce de leon and Ferdinand Magellan and balboa.

  • Who is this guy?
    Who is this guy?

  • When did the Age of Exploration start?
    When did the Age of Exploration start?
    The Age of Exploration also known as the Age of Discovery started around the 15th century and extended into the 17th century. During this time, the Europeans travelled all around the world to search for new trading routes to trade and partners to feed capitalism in Europe, it was also a time when Europe explored the world for wealth, power and knowledge.   The Age of Exploration started after the Ottoman Turks conquered the Constantinople in 1453. All of Europe depended on the trade routes passing through Constantinople for goods – spice, gold and silver. The Ottoman Turks made it difficult for merchant Europeans to pass their empire, this forced Europeans to begin to explore the world in order to search for new routes to get these goods.

  • Who financed the Age of Exploration intially?
    Who financed the Age of Exploration intially?
    Portugal was the first nation to begin the process during the Age of Exploration. Portuguese began by exploring the Atlantic coast of Africa from 1418 under the sponsorship of Prince Henry.   During the Age of exploration, Rulers were mostly the sponsors of voyages. They saw this as a medium to make more wealth for themselves, to acquire more lands, to gain power in the territory they discovered and conquered, they also use the opportunity to spread Christianity across the globe as this was and still is the primary religion in Europe.

  • Why did Europeans want to find a sea route to the Orient?
    Why did Europeans want to find a sea route to the Orient?
    Before Europeans started searching for a sea route to the Orient, merchants from Europe took land routes to the Orient (Silk Road) for trade but around the 14 to 16th century, the empires controlling some of the areas they had to pass started demanding heavy tolls from the merchants to pass their empire. The Europeans were forced to find another route to the East.     Another reason for the search of a sea route was because they wanted to increase their trade profit. Finding a sea route will help cut out the middlemen that were delivering goods to Europe at high price. A sea route was needed so they could transport more goods at cheaper prices.

  • Why is the Columbian Exchange important?
    Why is the Columbian Exchange important?
    The Columbian Exchange is one of the most important events to have happened in the modern history of the world. It marks one of the first exchanges of resources such as livestock, plants, diseases and technology between the two worlds. This led to the transformation of lives in the Old World and New World.   The Americas didn’t have wheels until the Europeans arrived. The Columbian Exchange also had great effect on biological diversity. The exchange impacted the social and cultural makeup of both sides. It lasted throughout the years of expansion and discovery.

  • What was the course of the age of exploration in Russia?
    What was the course of the age of exploration in Russia?
    The Tsardom of Russia in mid-16th century was under the leadership of Ivan IV commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, he began the expansion into northwest Asia, and the region is commonly called Siberia.   Around the late 18th and 19th century, the Russian explorers mapped most of Alaskan coasts and nearby islands; they explored the inner areas of the Peninsula, and went as far as Fort Ross in California. The explorers penetrated the depth of Eurasia granting Russia the conquest of Central Asia. Siberia, Alaska, Central Asia and the Extreme North were explored greatly by Russian Explorers. They made significant contribution to the exploration of the Artic and Antarctic, the Pacific islands as well as the deep sea.

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