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Christianity is one of the world's great religions; over 2 billion people, over a third of the world's population, declare themselves to be Christian, although Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant are major divisions within the Christian faith, which also includes a large number of smaller sects and groupings. Based on the teachings of Jesus, as recorded in the new Testament, Christianity has played a very prominent role in the shaping of Western civilization.

Beginning as a sect of Judaism, and becoming the state religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, Christianity spread throughout most of Europe in the Middle Ages, and to many parts of the rest of the world during the age of discovery. How much do you know about the history, beliefs and current status of Christianity? Take our quiz to test your knowledge and perhaps to increase it!
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    What role did religion play in the decline of the Roman Empire?

What do you know about Christianity and the Holy Spirit? Christianity is a religion that has been the most popular and most common form of worship, and what is this Holy Spirit. Christians think that Jesus died on the cross for...

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    Jesus continues to be with us through ________.

This quiz is based on the early architectures of Christianity and in the reign of Constantine the Great how Christianity started to dominate Rome. So, if you are a history scholar or just want to test your knowledge of historical...

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    Made the Christianity the official religion in Rome:

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    The Orthodox Church came into existence on what great event in Christian history?

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    Augustus made Judah a Roman province and called it 

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Christianity Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Baptism and Christening?
Baptism refers to a Christian ceremony that is done in different ways depending on the doctrinal belief of the particular church. Some do this by totally immersing the body into the water, a sprinkling of water, or pouring water on the body three tim
Is the millennium literal or figurative?
First of all, this question is also arrived at as a result of what is written by John in the book of Revelation, chapter 20, verses 1 to 7. This passage speaks of the millennial kingdom where Jesus is going to reign for a thousand-year on earth. Well
What is the difference between Mormons and Christians?
Mormons are one of the religious groups that exist in Christianity. Although members of this group see themselves as Christians, other Christian groups like Catholics and Protestants, don't see them as Christians. On the other hand, Christian is the
What about a believer who commits suicide?
There has actually been a lot of debate about where the destination of a Christian that commits suicide is -heaven or hell? This was not actually particularly addressed in the Bible, but it is a happening that happens up till this present moment. How
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